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Valentine’s Day Bundle Sweepstakes! 2/10 – 2/14

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We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a sweepstakes for TWO prize bundles this week: one for you and one for baby!  

Answer the question below in this thread to be entered to win:

What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?

One Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) of each of the following:
- b. box Essential Travel Bib
- Baby Blanket Music CD
- Svan Signet Complete High Chair
- $50 Gift Certificate for Pediped Footwear

• One First Prize winner will receive one (1) of each of the following:
- MAM Anti-Colic Bottle (5 oz.)
- Kushies Swaddling Blanket
- Kushies Cherish Sleeper
- Kushies Fuzzi Lovebug Sensory Pleasing Toy

Read the official rules here.

Sweeps end date: 2:00AM EST on February 14th, 2014.

Good Luck!


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Re: Valentine’s Day Bundle Sweepstakes! 2/10 – 2/14

  • My ideal Valentine's day date is just spending time with my hubby.  We don't have to go out or get each other anything.  I love just spending the evening with him.
  • My Ideal Valentine's Day date would be heading to our neighborhood beach with my husband to watch the sunset, then out to a nice dinner WITH dessert (i'm 5 months preggo and loving me some dessert) And then head home for cuddles and Netflix. <3 simple, easy, and just quality time with the man I love. 
  • My ideal Valentines Day date is leaving the baby at home with Grandma, going to the Melting Pot with the hubby for dinner, coming back home to my LO and cuddling as a family all night long. I am so lucky to have two Valentines this year and I want to spend it with both of them! LOVE MY FAMILY!
  • This year, since I'm pregnant with my third boy, I'd love to have a day with my hubby "off-the-grid".  Go for a long drive to the countryside, have a nice meal and just walk and talk :-)
  • My ideal Valentine's date would be a simple night out with the hubby. Having a 2.5 year old and 5 month old, we don't really get to do date nights alone. A dinner out where we can talk and share memories, then come back home and watch a movie, maybe eat some popcorn. 
  • Family time.  
  • My ideal Valentine's Day is spending it with my husband & my 15 month old son. We could do anything, as long as we're together, celebrating as a family.
  • Dinner and a double feature with my husband. Nothing too crazy or adventurous, but we always enjoy a good movie date =]
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    My ideal Valentine's day date is getting a nice couples massage and being relaxed for an hour with no interuptions!
  • My ideal Valentine's Day is spending it with my son and my husband the 2 people that I love most <3
  • Since I'm pregnant with our second baby ( first boy! ) I figure we need a little bit of a getaway before he comes in March! A night out to dinner, maybe a movie, and stay somewhere overnight to have a night to ourselves :) Quality time means so much more to me than any diamonds or flowers.
  • Date night with my husband.
  • My ideal Valentine's day is spending this special day with my 8 months old daughter and my hubby.  it can be anywhere, but I wish it would be somewhere at the beach in one of the Polynesian islands (Bora Bora, Tahiti, or Fiji).  I imagine 3 of us are at the restaurant at the beach having dinner. It is warm and the moon is making the moonwalk in the ocean)))  After the restaurant we will walk along the beach.
  • I am a mother of five with number 6 on the way. As much as a day of quiet with my hubby would be nice the perfect valentines day for me is making dinner for my 5 daughters and buying them all flowers and chocolate and making them feel they are special. Our lives are so busy it's hard to get everyone in one place. They range from 12 years old to 3 so we r always on the go.
  • My prefect Valentines date would be a quite dinner either at a nice restaurant or at home just made by someone else :-) then a walk around then the Riverwalk and frozen yogurt to go with it. Of course all spent with my favorite guy! :-)
  • My ideal valentines day is a Paris vacation were my hubby will take me to a nice dinner at French restaurant and dessert after. Then, ride along the river in a gondola ride. Lol. That however will not happen until the little ones are old enough to leave to Grammy.
  • My perfect Valentines date would be spending the day with my husband outside kayaking to a romantic private island and having a picnic! Which is exactly what we plan on doing! So glad we live in Florida and will have some nice weather :)
  • My ideal date is just spending time with my husband. We don't have to go anywhere fancy or special to show out love.
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  • Now that I have a 4 week old my perspective on an ideal valentines day date has changed. My ideal valentines day date would be ordering delivery, pulling out the sofa bed and me, my daughter, and my husband snuggling up to watch a movie. We don't get that much time together with him working.
  • This is our first Valentine's Day with our daughter. She will be 2 weeks old! My ideal day would be spending it with our new baby girl by ordering take-out from our favorite gourmet restaurant that delivers & comfortably cuddling with one another when she sleeps now that we can without my snoogle & 4 other pillows!
  • I would love to be able to take a weekend getaway. Doesn't have to be far away or exotic just somewhere we can spend time together and do nothing together before we become a family (our little dude is due in 7weeks). Turn off our phones and just stay in bed watching movies and eating whatever we want. Then sleeping in and not rushing anywhere. That's all I could ask for.
  • My perfect day would be going out to dinner with my husband and snuggling with my 2 boys.

  • Perfect valentines: our 2 yo going to bed early and having take out, chocolate covered strawberries, and cuddled up movie time.
  • My ideal Valentine's Day would be to relive our first date. I realized that day I was going to marry my husband and I would love to relive that day. 
  • My ideal Valentines Day is waking up to my husband and two sons happy faces while I make heart shaped pancakes!! I love my little family!! :)
  • My ideal v-day would be waking up at 11am to a nice, quiet, and clean EMPTY house (lol). Walk to the kitchen and see my husband left my breakfast and a note saying he took our daughter out so I can relax in peace. Then finding an appointment scheduled for a prenatal massage. Hmmmm a girl can dream right ?...? Lol
  • spending a romantic evening out with my husband
  • Spending time loving on my four littles!
  • My idea Valentines day will be spent with the ones I love, my 4 little babies and my king! After we put them to sleep, I hope to gave a candle lit dinner at home with my hubby.
  • Our ideal Valentine's Day would be finding a great sitter who has no plans, getting dressed up as sexy as a 6 month pregnant woman can! Going to our favorite Thai restaurant where we can sit on the floor surrounded by pillows & eat deliciously spicy food. Then come home to sleeping children so we can have the rest of the night alone.
  • Spending the day with my husband and daughter, enjoying our forecasted warm weather at the park. Then dinner and a movie in, just the two of us.
  • My perfect day would be a day off from work... doing something outside. (Warm weather is a must)
  • My ideal Valentine's day date would be with my husband.  The kids would be with my parents and my husband and I would go out fora nice dinner followed by a play in the city.  Then, we'd get coffee and dessert afterward.
  • anything without the baby :)
  • We don't celebrate Valentine's day.  We like to make our own special days and not go along with all the hype of holidays like valentine's day.
  • My ideal valentines date would be realizing in a big jacuzzi tub and spending lots of quality time with my hubby. Throw in some chocolate covered strawberries and maybe a steak dinner and I would be a happy camper!
  • Perfect Valentine's Day date would be a night at a cozy B&B!
  • My ideal Valentines Day will be, getting out of work, picking my son up (16 months) and enjoying a nice dinner with him and my hubby. Then when my son goes to bed, having some chocolate covered strawberries with my hubby and maybe renting a romantic movie :) I am also 6 months pregnant so relaxation is KEY :)
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  • My husband and I would go out to a romantic dinner and then to our favorite ice cream place for dessert because I'm always craving ice cream, especially now that I'm pregnant!
  • I would love a quiet evening with hubby, sipping organic champagne and having a catered gourmet meal.
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