Another reflux Q...BTDT moms help!

Ok so LO is 7 months now, has had severe reflux this whole time - was diagnosed while in NICU.
He has silent reflux that has been very hard to get under control, he's on 3 meds - ranitidine, prevacid and domperidone.
His reflux seeeeems (knock on wood) to be getting dramatically better. Very few episodes that I'm confident are reflux now.
Prob is..he's still not sleeping, like at all. He wakes every hour, sometimes I'm lucky and it'll be two hours. He's just very restless, clearly tired but can't stay asleep. He used to wake frequently in obvious pain from his reflux but I just don't think that's what it is anymore.
Anyone find that their reflux meds caused restlessness or sleeplessness in baby? I'm wondering if he should be weaned off meds since he's been on them so long and they could be now the cause of our sleep troubles? I'm having trouble finding any info online about it.
I can't get in to see our reg ped until beginning of march..but thinkin about going to a walk in clinic that is all pediatricians to see if someone there has input. I just worry not seeing our own doc but I can't wait 3 more weeks I'm going insane with lack of sleep! And so is little man!
Any input/thoughts on meds causing sleep probs?

Re: Another reflux Q...BTDT moms help!

  • Is it possible that he is teething? He's getting to that age. Besides achy gums, It can make their ears hurt, tummy troubles,,,etc.
    I don't recall my older ones having sleep issues with their reflux meds. If anything, it helped their sleep since it didn't burn/hurt to lie down.

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  • Ya I dunno he's been showing teething signs for months...

    The reason I started to think this was just cuz someone suggested it, as their child is restless and can't sleep when he takes Tylenol too many days.. And with some googling I did read that prevacid can cause baby insomnia.

    He's been on the meds forever but he's also had sleep issues forever, not near as bad as they are now, but he's also really starting to show signs his reflux is better so just thinking he may be over medicated now. I may pop in and talk to the pharmacist tmrw as well and get her take on it.
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  • Both of my twins were on zantac and prevacid.  DD was on meds until 13.5 mo old and DS was on meds until 15.5 mo old.  Thankfully, they didn't experience sleep issues.

    Maybe he's accustomed to waking up and it's his routine right now?  Idk if it happens to babies, but sometimes I get in a loop of waking up in the middle of the night.  I'd really try to incorporate a solid bedtime routine with bath, bottle/breast, book and bed to see if you can establish better sleep. 

    It doesn't hurt to touch base with the dr regarding possible side effects from the med either.  I hope you both get some rest soon!

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  • The domperidone can do that
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    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


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