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Honestly Not Sure How This Works lol need advice

Hello! I've never posted on this board but thought this would be the best place to get an answer.

I have 2 DDs, the first we had two big showers, that I did not plan or ask for, one thrown by my side of the family and one by DHs. The second we had a 'get together' with all of our close friends and family where everyone just got together to celebrate another baby and enjoy each others company, we didn't make a registry and gifts were not involved. Our oldest is 3, youngest is 1.

Now DH and I are expecting a boy in July. I would never ask for a shower or sprinkle or anything else, or expect any of that, but I'm not sure how it works/what etiquette is for different genders. I don't want to buy a ton of things and then have someone throw me a shower but I also don't want to wait and see if someone throws a shower, only to have a month to get things we need.

I'm honestly just confused about it all and wanted some advice. Thanks for reading and for any help!

Re: Honestly Not Sure How This Works lol need advice

  • Yeah... I would bet that almost everything you have can be used for a boy.  And while I understand perhaps not wanting to dress your boy in pink (because then everyone else would assume it's a girl) - buying some new clothes really shouldn't be all that difficult for YOU to handle. 
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  • Etiquitte says that 2nd showers are a faux pas, period. 



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  • You should buy anything you need for this baby yourself. It is likely that some close family will buy you a boy outfit as a gift when he is born, but you shouldn't rely on that.
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  • I agree with PP's - if anyone offers to throw you a shower, politely decline. some friends and family are bound to get a few gifts / onesies no matter what you say, so be sure to send thank-you cards to those who do. do not do not do not accept or, god forbid, host any kind of get together about the new baby.

    If you really want to celebrate the joy of the new LO, wait until after he is born and have just close family over for a small BBQ (july/august is the perfect month for that) but be sure to say it's just a BBQ - not a baby-related gathering. and provide plenty of food and beer of course!

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  • Thanks everyone, like I said, I would never ask for or expect a shower of any kind. I just wasn't sure what I should do in this situation. I'll need to buy a crib and clothes and the newborn necessities that my 1 year old doesn't need anymore but overall, nothing at all overbearing. I always like to buy things on sale so I'll go ahead and be on the lookout for good deals! Thank you for the answers!
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