Preemie mom tattoo?

I've always known I would one day get a tattoo for my child or children. I'm not covered in them or anything I have two, one for me and one that is our wedding date.
Now that LO has been so "unique" and will forever be my special preemie, I want to think of something I can get that maybe shows that, more than just his name or birth date like I prob would have done.
Anyone have any preemie specific tattoos? Or ideas/suggestions?

Re: Preemie mom tattoo?

  • Great idea!!! My hubby actually had one done with Carson's name and a pair of hands praying. It's awesome!!! I have a tattoo and have been itching for another.
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  • Great idea, I will be following this thread as I have had similar thoughts. My first thought is just to get his footprint and date of birth. Not specifically preemie but it was so small that it would still show how special he is.
  • I'm not sure how kids feel about having their names birthdates etc on their parents bodies. Now it is cute cause they are little, but what about when they are teens or adults? I'm not in anyway saying its a bad idea. I would personally get something that is more symbolic to your kids.
  • I do want to get something for all 3 of mine but I don't know what yet. I like more symbolic stuff over a name or date.

    I do already have one tattoo - my mom, sister and I all have the same thing, so I'd like to get something that represents my "new" family to go with my "old" family

  • I always said I never wanted a tattoo because I could never commit to anything for life, but since the birth of my DS, I find myself wondering about one. I wouldn't get the name/date but something that represented our ordeal.
    I still haven't decided what it should be.

    I have seen tiny feet, purple ribbon, quotes but nothing stands out.

    Part of me wants to put all of this behind us and I'm unsure I want a constant reminder. I go back and forth :(
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