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Hi everyone - I have a potty training question.  DS1 (3.5) has been potty trained during the day for about a year and a half, and he's great about it.  Never any accidents.  He is still in diapers overnight though, and he wakes up soaked (I mean, a super heavy, wet diaper) every morning.  He doesn't usually get a drink (other a few sips of water) after dinner, and we have him go to the bathroom immediately before bed each night.  Is he just not ready yet to be trained overnight?  Do we try anything else, or just wait until he is waking up pretty dry on a consistent basis to take away his overnight diaper?  What worked for you?
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Re: Overnight Potty Training Help

  • My daughter is 4 and only in the past few weeks has she started waking up dry. Before then, she woke up soaking wet every morning. She's been potty trained since she was 22 months. I talked to her doctor about it at her 4 year well child, and he said that some children just sleep so deeply that they won't wake when they need to go, and that we really shouldn't be concerned about it at 4. He said that most children just reach a point where they start waking. So I stopped worrying about it and now I think she's finally ready to lose the night time pull-up. Give him time.
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  • Thank you everyone!
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  • My 8 yr old has been dry overnight since he was 4, my 6 yr old still soaks his training pant, and my 4 yr old has been dry since he was 2. Their pedi told me not to worry, so I don't! Eventually my 6 yr old will stay dry one way or another ; )
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  • We started night training DD1 around age 3.5. At that point, she had been accident free during the daytime for several months. She was still waking up wet though when we'd let her sleep in a pull-up. We started with naps first, which she did well with, and then worked on staying dry overnight. The first night or two that we had her sleep in underwear, she was really nervous and woke up a lot thinking that she had wet the bed (she never once did though). She remained accident free from there and now uses the bathroom all on her own during the night.

    If you think your son is ready, I'd give it a try and see how it goes.
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  • Some kids (perhaps more boys than girls in my casual observation) just take a longer time to be dry overnight. 

    I had one child who was day and night trained simultaneously.  The other, my son, was not night trained until closer to age 6, and he still wets the bed occasionally.  He sleeps SO soundly that when he was a little guy, we could not wake him up to pee after he had fallen asleep.  I know there are parents who SWEAR by waking the child up to go to the bathroom when the parents go to bed, but that didn't work for me.  

    I found that the best way to avoid night time accidents with my son was to have him pee 2x before bed: once before the bedtime routine and again right before lights-out.  It may help to remind him to let ALL the pee out.  I'm pretty sure that in the preschool years, my son would just pee enough to let the pressure off, but not fully empty his bladder, especially if he was very interested in getting back to playing.  My son still had a hard time waking when he felt the urge to pee, but this helped him go through the night without even getting the urge to pee, especially when he was a little bigger.  It's tough at age 3, though, because the child's bladder may legitimately be so small that he can't go the whole night.

    I found that it was very important not to scold or shame my son about this.  After all, I could hardly hold him responsible for something that was happening TO him while he was asleep. 
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  • Dd is 3.5 and still wakes up wet most days even though she's been PTed for a year. If I don't give her any drinks before bed she is more likely to stay dry. But we eat dinner late and she is usually thirsty, so I just don't worry about it.
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