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LO hates her crib now at night

Been dealing with the past few nights of LO waking up screaming in her crib. We thought part of it was due to another tooth about to pop through bc she's drooling a lot and always has hand in her mouth. But it seems like its that but also more of her just wanting to sleep in our bed. In the past there have been a few nights where she's gotten up at 2 am or so hungry so I've fed her and let her sleep with us but it hasn't been every night for sure. Normally she gets a bottle at 8 and falls asleep in my arms and then I put her in her crib. We are going to try putting her in crib before she's fully asleep so she associates bedtime with crib. I know she's going to cry though. Any suggestions on what elseto try? Do sound machines help? Any LOs sleeping on their tummies? When I put her on her tummy last night she finally fell asleep but I rolled her back over before I went back to sleep.
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Re: LO hates her crib now at night

  • We dealt with something similar - our previous daycare was putting LO down for naps on his tummy (we didn't figure this out until later) - and so when we went to put him down on his back he would freak out.  I gave in and started putting him down on his tummy - it hasn't fixed everything, but it's helped a ton.  LO has really good head control and is pretty mobile, so I'm not worried about him on his tummy so much.  Obviously though, it's a very personal decision!
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  • Grayson hates his crib now. I don't know what the deal is but we tried last week. He was dead asleep so I put him down in his crib and he woke up the instant his head hit the mattress.
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  • Definitely put her down drowsy but not asleep.  It can scare babies to wake up somewhere completely different from where they fell asleep!  

    LO is a tummy sleeper.  She's also rolling, crawling, and sitting herself up, so I couldn't really stop her from tummy sleeping if I tried.  Haha.  The risk is almost entirely prior to 6 months, but you can talk to your pedi about it to ease your mind.
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  • I have an app on my tablet that plays all night long. It helps her soothe herself back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night (non-feeding wake up). N has been rolling onto her stomach at night for almost 2 months now. Nothing I can do about it. I tried rolling her back over but she would either immediately roll back or wake up and scream at me. At our LOs ages, I don't think there is much we can do about it. I learned to trust N and her ability to move around.
  • Thanks ladies for the info on what's working for you all. We r going to try putting her down sleepy and do a sound machine or app and see how that works
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