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18 weeks and morning sickness came back?!

Ugh am I the only one?! Is this normal?

Re: 18 weeks and morning sickness came back?!

  • You are not alone! I will be 19 weeks Wednesday and I just now started getting morning sickness within the last week. I never had it in first tri and now all of the sudden?! Wth!
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  • I refuse to believe the m/s can start back up. No ma'am! No thank you!



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  • I'm 16 and have yet to stop throwing up. I can only keep down liquids at this point.
  • I will be 18 weeks Wednesday and today I've been feeling sick and loads of heartburn. I've only just started feeling better!! Noooooo
  • It's been about ten days since I stopped vomiting.

    I hate to say though with DD it came back later in the second tri and on into the third trimester. So it can happen.

  • IDK if this will help you, but it has helped me a lot.  My Dr. told me that making sure I was drinking plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration would help prevent nausea.  It has really worked for me.  I'm drinking gatorade all the time and I haven't been getting sick anymore.  Just a thought.   GL w/ it.
  • I was fine for a whole month and then my M/S came back, but thankfully not as bad as it was the first time. I get nauseous after I eat anything. It's better than the 24/7 nausea  I had for 6 weeks before!
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  • Mine hasn't stopped either. I'm almost always nauseous.
  • Fruit and hydrating more helped me


  • At 17w 4d I was sick at work on Monday. Never vomited at work in my 1st tri so I had thought I was in the clear. After a few days the m/s went away again so hopefully you'll be fine again soon :)
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  • I'm 18w 4d and my m/s has never left.
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  • 19 weeks and still hasn't gone away for me. I got a little break between weeks 10-13 and then it came back with a vengeance. I haven't actually thrown up in about a week, but the nausea hangs around pretty much all day long.

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  • I was pretty sick with all day nausea through about week 14, and after it seems like I have one day per week that is bad, and I never know what day it will be. And then one morning recently I started vomiting again (week 19). So you are definitely not alone!

  • Mine was completely gone at week 13, and did come back at week 18 for just 2 days. Now almost 20 weeks and feeling fine...hopefully it's a short-lived relapse :)
  • Only 16w3d, but I abruptly woke up at 6am this morning (didn't have to be up until 8am damn it!) and barely had enough time to sit up before I puked all over myself.  Yeah, I'm ready for this 10 weeks of inhumane torture to be over with...starting to lose hope that it will go away at all!!
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