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Another water cup question- bed time

If anyone's child brings water to bed, what kind of cup do u use? I know its not a great habit, but my house is so dry with the heat this winter. My girls bring in old nasty sippies in case they need a swig during the night. Any recommendations for something without a straw that wont leak in the bed? Thanks!

Re: Another water cup question- bed time

  • I was thinking I should get them nightstands...we dont have them yet
  • We use sippy cups, but I have been wondering how to break this habit! 
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  • Why no straw?  My kids both take the Thermos Funtainers I mentioned in the post below to bed.  They have a straw and a lid that flips over it.  When it's flipped closed they can toss them all around the bed and they don't leak.  If they leave it open it will leak, but they learned that lesson pretty quickly.  (They do have nightstands but they won't put the water back there during the night, and it is very dry in our house in the winter so I want them to have access to water).
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  • the straw cups I have all leak but I havent tried the Funtainers....maybe I"ll look into those!
  • When DD brings water to bed, which is rare, she brings her Contigo cup. We have never had an issue with those cups. However, the style DD uses would probably make a huge mess if they tried to drink while lying down. DS's Striker Contigo cups would work well though. We don't let him have water at bedtime since he is potty training.
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  • My kids take Camelbaks with straws to bed, they don't leak.  


  • DD still uses a sippy cup all the time.  DH complains that she shouldn't since she's almost 4, but I walk around the house with a water bottle too.  It just makes sense to me so it doesn't spill and I think water should be available all the time.  
    Why do you find the sippy cup so nasty?  We have straw ones too, but I find them gross.  Because the straw bends, making it spill prof, it's next to impossible to get it clean.  You can take the straw out and try to clean it, but you're still just rinsing water through, and some of the cups we have once you take the straw out it's next to impossible to get it back in.
  • fredalina said:
    Mine has had a water cup since she has been in a toddler bed, so before 2. We just use an open cup and she doesn't take it into the bed, just picks it up off the bedside table, drinks, returns it.

  • Saw some of those Wow cups for kids at bed bath and beyond and babies r us for about $10. Or a sassy grow up cup.
  • Take and toss cups with regular straws on their night stands.

  • MIne have used open cups since 18 months but both of them would definitely knock over an open cup on their nightstand regularly if we had them right next to the bed or I know DS would dump it right down his front when tired, LOL! We just have straw cups or sports bottle style cups or contigos or really whatever is handy. 
  • Thanks again everyone. Great suggestions.
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