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Sleeping well on the Nuna Sena mattress?

Im planning on using the Nuna Sena mini as our bedside bassinet for the first few mths. In tempted to have a better mattress pad made for it bc it doesnt seems substantial enough. Any experience with babies sleeping well or not sleeping well in the Nuna Sena?

Re: Sleeping well on the Nuna Sena mattress?

  • Babies will sleep on anything. Our pnp mattress was basically cardboard, I got a plush sheet and DD was fine for 6 months. I would not get a mattress other than what is ment for the product for SIDS/warranty reasons.
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  • I just purchased a 2" mattress for our full size nuna sena, for nights that I may have him in our room and for travel in the future. As an infant, he would only sleep in a rock n play, but it was not because the nuna was too hard....each baby is different.

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  • Also, I would have not felt comfortable to make an after market modification to his bed as an infant because of SIDS

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  • I have been looking into a safe (structurally and chemical free) sleeping arrangement for my DD during her first months. I concluded that none of the bassinet/cradle options within my budget (<$300) available in the market were toxin-free. Many bassinets have a MDF board to support the mattress pad winch could emit VOCs or even worst formaldehyde, many mattress pads that come with bassinets have flame retardants, or they have large plastic components in their frames which could emit VOCs. Many have "non-toxic"finishes, essentially meaning undetectable or trace level phalates, lead and low VOCs, but that does not mean free of all those substances.

    Nuna SENA, complies with a very progressive and strict certification, the OEKO-TEX 100 standard. Recently they phased out all man-made fire retardants from their mattress. Their frame is aluminum with small portion of plastic components. Also it seemed like a smart investment:  the baby could sleep and grow into this multifunctional travel crib. However, I wanted to clear out some questions before making my decision. After much searching for info to no avail, I e-mailed  the company. Below are their answers to my questions. I hope this helps other moms also trying to find safe sleep arrangements for their LO


    What is the Sena travel crib mattress pad made off? Specifically regarding the mattress pad: Does it contain polyurethane?


    ·         Our mattress pad is made of Oeko-Tex fabric & fiberfill. There is a thin layer of polyurethane foam enclosed within the fabric & fiberfill.


    Does it contain flame retardants, if so which ones and what concentrations?


    ·         Our most recent production models of the Sena do not contain flame retardants due to the recent law change. This product is free of PBB, PBDE and Bromine, common Flame retardants, as well as Tris-Flame Retardant Chemicals (TCEP, TPP, TOCP, TCCP, TDCPP, TDBPP, TBBPA)


    Does it off-gas VOC’s, does it off-gas formaldehyde?


    ·         Basically, all household materials off gas (including lumber, concrete, paint, plastics, metals, electronic and heat-generating devices, natural and synthetic textile fabrics, synthetic and natural fibers, polyurethane foam, latex foam rubber, etc.). Most off gas components are the result of natural aging and are not of concern. The EPA discusses VOCs at  With that said we are very concerned about baby’s health so we only use a minimal layer of PU foam for baby’s comfort.

    Does it comply with CARB phase II regulations?

     ·         Yes we comply with the (California) CARB ATCM Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Formaldehyde emission levels and I believe after January of 2010 we meet Phase II regulations but I can check to confirm.

  • I use their 'mattress' and just had a quilted mattress cover altered to fit it. I have the Nuna Sena mini. He sleeps well in it.
  • Thank you, beesitor, for posting that very useful information from Nuna. I've been down the same research wormhole as you it seems. I can't find a bassinet in OR out of my price range that seems safe structurally and isn't a mass of plastic, MDF, and polyurethane foam. What did you decide to use in the end? I looked into replacing the Nuna mattress pad with a portacrib mattress from Naturepedic, but the Nuna pads are non-standard sizes, unfortunately. Do you know of any alternatives?
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