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I am overly paranoid and will admit that from the get go. With one preemie twin discharged yesterday, I didn't get much sleep at all. She has had a few choking episodes thankfully while awake. The other twin is now having bradys and desating a lot again. I know...setbacks are normal. To ease my mind a little bit I am highly considering getting a breathing monitor of some sort. Do you have one? What do you use? Pros and cons? Would you recommend it?
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Re: Angelcare/Snuza etc Monitor

  • I use the levena Oma with my 33 weeker and we love it!
  • I wanted one but the NICU nurses told me it was unnecessary and would cause more headaches. They said they go off all the time for false alarms and that's more terrifying than anything when it happens so often.
    We had mixed emotions but didn't get one. Ended up being glad we didn't waste the money as LO is a MOVER when he sleeps and often ends up at various ends, sides etc of the crib so the thing would have been going off a lot I suspect as he never would have stayed on the sensor part.
    Goodluck whatever your choice!
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  • We used the snuza for one night, which was just long enough for us to realize that it wasn't worth the hassle and anxiety. Just wasn't for us. Anna did sleep in the rnp next to my bed until 11 months.

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  • I have the Snuza Hero. Our NICU nurses (and my H) rolled their eyes at me! We used it with DS (32 weeker) for about 5 months. I loved it. It gave me such piece of mind! After 5 months, he got too wiggly and we started having false alarms. I know moms that love their Angel Care monitors, too. The reason I got the Snuza was so that I could clip it to the baby anywhere - swing, RNP, etc.

    I plan on using it for this next baby!

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  • We have the Angel Care one and love it. It's only gone off falsely twice when she wiggled too far away from the motion sensor. I feel like this is particularly a preemie thing, because the preemie baby is so small in the crib and their little bodies can more easily move off the sensor pad. I'm still using the motion sensor function at nearly 7 months, but she's so big now, even when she wiggles all around her crib, she's big enough where the sensor catches her breathing, so no more false alarms even if she's completely on one end of the crib.


  • We had a Snuza and used it until she was 10 months. We rarely had a false alarm. For me, it is a must have item.

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  • We had the snuza and I highly recommend it. Zoe came home with an apnea monitor and I felt like she needed something even after the drs told us to take her off the monitor. She only wore it for three months after that but it never had a false alarm and it certainly helped me sleep better!
  • We have Angelcares (the ones with two sensor pads, each) -- and LOVE it. I mean, it is the only reason we slept those first few weeks. I can count on one hand the number of false alarms we had with both of them. We absolutely adore those things. :)
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  • I appreciate the responses and feedback VERY much! After furthering digging and researching we will be going with the Snuza Hero!

    Thank you for your help!!!

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