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The Spirit of the Marathon II

Last night, my running buddies and I were able to see The Spirit of the Marathon II in Santa Monica.  I have really been struggling with my relationship with running since becoming pregnant.  The first trimester, I couldn't get through a run without throwing up multiple times.  Now, I am starting to feel the impact of the extra weight I have gained and the shift in having a larger belly.  

What has been really difficult for me is that my training partner and my husband are currently training for the LA Marathon.  I ran it last year as my first full with my training partner and it was one of the best days of my life.  I thought I would be okay sitting this year out, but it is hard on me to watch them train while sitting on the sidelines.  Last week, my run was so bad I almost thought of calling it quits until the baby comes in May. I seriously walked 4 of the 5 miles I did.

This movie was what I needed and I am so glad I took the time to go down there last night, even though it meant being out way past my bedtime.  It made me realize how much I love this sport.  Even though running and I are on a break now, I can't wait to get back out there after the baby is born and train for another full.  The stories of these runners were amazing, especially the mother with young children training for her first marathon.  Seeing how happy and proud her kids were of her was so touching.  She equated her marathon to the birth of her children with the end result being worth the struggle,  

I highly recommend any runner watch this!

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    Glad to hear the movie was so good! I like to watch "spirit of the marathon" on nights before I race.
    I totally get what you mean about running being different in pregnancy. It was hard for me the first time I was pregnant watching my friends run longer distances and race marathons. But, I just decided to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and enjoying the time I could get out there with my LO. Honestly, it was kind of nice to NOT have to follow a training plan, as I had raced 3 marathons in the 12 months before I got pregnant. I did run two 10k races while pregnant, which was fun.
    I'm almost 19 weeks now with baby #2, and running about 40mpw, just taking each run one day at a time.

    Sorry your runs haven't been feeling good. How many weeks are you? With my first I remember a couple of rough patches around 18 weeks due to round ligament pain, and 30-31 weeks due to how baby was positioned.

    Mommy to R (8.23.11) and K (6.21.14).

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    I still haven't gotten to see II yet, ah!  I heard SofM III will be based on the Boston marathon this year and release in 2015. 

    Don't be bummed about sitting on the sidelines...they get a medal, you get a BABY.  Plus you can make super fun, ironic posters and cheer your little heart out.  (I understand where you are coming from though, it will be hard for me to sit out for Chicago this year, as I've run the past 4...but excited for an excuse to not feel guilty sitting on the sideline.)

    Waiting for the day Netflix gets this movie.

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