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So my DH got the paperwork today for him to fill out so that he cannot be denied his leave when LO joins us. He is only planning o take a week off and he will use his PTB but since he cant put in dates ahead of time if he fills out the FMLA paperwork the company cannot deny his request (not that his boss would, but he likes his boss and wants to make sure that all our bases are covered) Has anyone done this. Neither of us have had to do this before (I don't work) so we are both a bit confused by the paperwork they gave him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: FMLA for DH

  • Me and DH work at the same place and we put the tentative date we expect to go out.  Employers know and understand there is really no way to say what day for sure your LO will be coming.  It was a pretty simple form the last time we had to do it.  It basically said why he was going out, the projected date and how long he planned on taking off.  HR should be able to help if you have any questions, but I remember the forms being pretty self explanatory.

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