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Fail: My vow of no more CD purchases....

I am sh!tty with DH right now and my private revenge therapy was purchasing 2 more Simplex as I just had to have jungle jam.

I am one and done and have enought CD's for 4-5 days now. They vow has been restarted as of....Now!!

Multiple ectopics, 2 failed IVF's
IVF #1: Did not get to ET, embies all failed PGD (major chromosomal defects)
IVF #2: We have 2 chromosomally perfect embies as a result of PGD (Boy/Girl) 1 failed the thaw (Girl) Transferred 1, yet ended as a c/p
Thought it was the end of our TTC Journey 6/20/2012
SHOCK BFP 9/28/2012: IT'S A BOY! and everything is normal !!!!!!

Little A born 38w 2d on 05/23/13 and is a true miracle for this IF Vet!




Re: Fail: My vow of no more CD purchases....

  • I don't need more diapers but there is always a reason to add to my stash....
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  • I will not make that vow until I have the elephant simplex. And maybe the giraffe.
  • That just means they stay in better shape and retain a higher resale value. Buy all the diapers!!!
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