One & Done: Only child

Sweetest kid EVER!

I have to brag :)

I'm totally lazy today. I wanted water, didn't want to get up.. I jokingly say to DD "will you get me water?" (really, I was joking. I'm not a slave driver).  And she disappears for several minutes, I hear noises in the kitchen. She comes back with a glass of water for me.  AND A SNACK! I never said I was hungry. She says "I thought you would like a snack with your water!" she somehow reached a plate (maybe the dish drain?) and went to the fridge to get cukes, and opened a cracker box..

"you have to have veggies to be healthy!"


Best kid ever :)

(I told you in the FCCC we aren't getting dressed today- see? haha)
(+ hers and his, ages 13 & 8)
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Re: Sweetest kid EVER!

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