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STM: Bravado Bras?

Please recommend your Bravado nursing bra.

Last time around I wore my SIL's hand me down bras and they fit okay but they were so worn that I want to buy my own this time and invest in 2 really good bras. I already have a nice spandex nursing bra that is seamless and looks like a normal bra (not a sports bra) but doesn't have any padding. It's perfect for home but I want something for being out in public and not showing my nipples or nursing pad (I use reuseable pads).

Or are there any other bras you recommend that have held up and are really soft?

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Re: STM: Bravado Bras?

  • I used the Allure Underwrite bra and loved it. It was comfortable, had great support and had just enough padding to not show my cloth nursing pads.
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  • You're smart to buy good ones. I bought cheap ones last time and I'm onmy second set! I got the bravado ones from target the second time and they're ok, but they're not super supportive. For smaller chested women I'd say they're a good choice because they're cost effective.
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  • I got one because people rave about them, but I'm not really a fan. My favorites were from Motherhood, and I think they are store brand. They're reasonably attractive, and thick enough to keep things smoothed out.
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  • I love the Bravado seamless nursing bra. They are very comfy and easily adapt to your shape without leaving any funny lines. I've had mine three years. I've been wearing them again since the first trimester. They have held up well.
  • I like the Bravado seamless nursing for early on/around the house. If you're larger chested its also nice to have an underwire or two for down the line/work. I like the Le Mystere ones and they are on Amazon although you may want to wait till 6-8 weeks postpartum to know what size. Bamboobies are my favorite reusable pads.
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  • I loves me some Bravado. I use their ones without the underwire. I wanna say they're called the essential??? Love them. I am even wearing them now and I am not nursing babies anymore. Maybe that should be a FFFC
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  • I love the "allure" underwire one and the "bliss" I also have the seamless one, it's perfect for around the house but the bliss and allure can go anywhere. Bliss is more comfy but if you want the shape of a regular "t-shirt bra" allure is the way to go. P.S. If you order online and you're planning to order more than once they send email coupons after your first order.
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