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Starting solids

DS is five months and seems interested in solids. In the next few weeks we are going to have him try some purées. If we start off slow, and give him a tablespoon everyday or EOD, when do we need to start spraying the diapers? He is EBF now. Will I notice a difference in his poo right away?

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Re: Starting solids

  • In my experience, you'll know when you need to spray. There will be a 'Ew. There is no way I'm putting that in my washer' poop diaper. It may happen right away, it might take a few days.
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  • It's not a bad idea to start sooner than later, since the transitional "peanut butter poo" is the hardest to spray off. It can be nice to have some practice with the easier EBF poo to hone your technique. I remember that the first few times I tried to spray, I ended up having to clean the bathroom. 
  • Glad you asked cause I know we are looking at starting solids soon....
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