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Cloth Diapering

Beginner questions...

What are your thoughts on All Free and Clear?  I've got a big tub of it still from a case lot sale, but I've heard mixed reviews for cloth diapers.

Aaand I had more questions but pregnancy brain is kicking in.  Crap.  I guess I'll come back when I remember!
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Re: Beginner questions...

  • Liquid or powder? Or Military?
    And what kind of diapers do you have?

    If you have prefolds or other natural fiber diapers, it should be fine.

    If you have microfiber stuffed pocket diapers I would not use liquid All F&C since I swear that (and Rockin' Green) seems to be the most common detergent behind the 'Why do my diapers stink?' posts. Powder or Military versions would be worth trying if you have a ton of it...but if you end up getting stink issues that would be the first thing to change.
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  • I have liquid... for some reason our commissary doesn't have the military version.  Right now I've got prefolds and AIOs for NB and some pockets for OS.  So instead of the All, is there a common detergent I can use or should I go for a specialty one?
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  • Tide powder
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  • We used the liquid for a bit. The main complaint I have heard is that it can react badly so some babies skin. I found that the natural powdered detergent from trader joe's (if you have one close) is great. It is gentle and effective. 
    Here is a thorough chart with lots of detergents.

  • Liquid detergents usually have petroleum in it which can cause problems.
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  • A lot of people like original powdered Tide. I tried it but couldn't use it for DS b/c his skin is just too sensitive. I've heard great things about Country Save and it's supposed to be commercially available, but I've never actually seen it in stores here. (Come to think of it, I feel like I read something about stores not carrying it recently.)


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