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Need to stop lurking...

My fat fingers just deleted my intro, so here's the short version...still not so short!

#2 is due in May and this is our first experience with CD

I've started out stash with a lot of info from this board, YouTube, and a local CD class

DD was 8lb13oz at 39 weeks and this LO is measuring 14 days ahead of our EDD so I feel a little stuck with creating a NB stash that will not be a waste too quickly. Mostly planning on F, PF and a few pocket/AIO in the beginning. Will need a good pocket/AIO stash when BB heads to daycare around 12 weeks.

I want to buy everything right now but am trying to put myself on a spending freeze so I can reorg my plan.

I've also been enjoying the going green check-in. I make our soap, cleaning products, (tried laundry detergent... Fail due to hard water), cook mostly from scratch/whole/traditional foods, garden, and a bunch of other stuff.

We also have a rescue dog and cat, chickens and I wish I could talk DH into a few dairy goats ;-)

Looking forward to chiming in a bit more! Thanks!

little chkn born 06/30/11

 baby chkn born 04/22/14

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Re: Need to stop lurking...

  • Welcome!
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    Hi, my LO was born at 9lbs 8 oz and I just packed away my NB stash. I had a lot of P&N and prefolds. At his 4 month he was 17lbs so that gives you an idea. I hated how big the OS were on him but the NB were perfect.

    ETA I had fuzzi bunz and BG in my stash as well. The BG was the first to go.

  • I'm eagerly awaiting my delivery of P&Ns! Glad to hear they worked so well. I also have some fitteds from SBISh and GMD and an AIO BB NB

    I want to start stocking up on my daycare/OS stash but want to try out the styles and brands I've picked up. For some reason i seem to think that I'll prefer pockets, but without experience I have not a clue!

    @Mapleme laying hens are the easiest animals I've ever had! We haven't done chicks yet though and they are more work in the beginning and there is waiting until they start laying. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a rent a chicken program to try it out. Food, water and safety = more eggs then we can handle. We were gifted 6 hens from a neighbor and then bought 4 more. We've unfortunately had two (of the gifted) die suddenly so I'm already planning to get a few more this spring. They have also been a great for DD (2.5 y/o)

    little chkn born 06/30/11

     baby chkn born 04/22/14

    05/13 image 07/13

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