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BIG Eating Issues!! :(

It has been a *very* long time since I've been here (about 2 years). So sorry to barge in like this, but I'm running out of ideas.

DS, who just turned 3, is having issues with eating. As an infant we never had the slightest problem, he was great and ate everything. Fruit, vegetables, cereal, you name it. The transition to solid food wasn't terrible, but slow. We were going right along until one day...he just decided to stop. He no longer wanted most things, any vegetables or fruits are now out of the question. He will only eat a pb&j on occasion. He doesn't even like CANDY! He won't eat chocolate, or any other sweets. It got to where I was letting him eat chicken nuggets a lot because it's all he would eat (now sometimes he won't even eat them). I don't like doing that, it's not good for him and it's getting expensive for us. But usually things he will eat, are carbs...bread, pancakes, bread sticks.

The worst part is that not only will he not eat most things, but even if I present him something, say a halved strawberry, he will gag by even touching it. The stranger thing? He still puts random stuff in his mouth. That's the biggest thing that I don't get, the stuff that he picks up off the flood doesn't make him gag? We made progress today, as he tore apart a banana and fed it to me. He even put his mouth on it, but as soon as some of it got in his mouth he started to gag. Baby steps

We have met with a child psychologist who specialized in getting children to eat...after meeting with him and trying some things DS didn't eat for 2 days! I have been a part of programs that can't figure out what's going on, and for some reason my pediatrician doesn't seem concerned at all! The only thing I haven't tried (much to the dismay of several family members) is basically starving him until he eats.

In the back of my mind I blame my mother, who got some sick pleasure out of feeding him things that she knew he would make faces and gag...olives, lemons. I'm no longer even speaking to her...she knows the issue I have and she made it worse.

The amount of foods he will eat decreases almost daily. I am doing all that I can to get the nutrition that I know he needs in him any way that I can, but it's getting harder. I haven't found any other children like DS, and I'm running out of ideas. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciate!

Re: BIG Eating Issues!! :(

  • Have you tried adding healthy items to the things he does eat. You could make pancakes with blended banana in it so he doesn't even know at least by the texture that it is in there. Try making bread and adding healthy items to that like flax seed, sweet potatoe puree, whole wheat flour etc..

    My guess is your pediatrician probably won't voice any concern unless your LO drops below a certain point on the weight charts.

    I would also suggest making his meals with items that you know he will eat and a few that he hasn't tried before and don't put any pressure on him to eat those items, just keep introducing him to them and hopefully one day he will just start eating them. I was a 3 year old pre-school teacher for awhile and it was very common for a number of kids in our classroom to refuse almost everything but hotdogs, chicken nuggets and grilled cheese so I think it's partially a phase.

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  • DS is 17 months and was the same way. The pedi suggested we start giving him vitamins because vitamin deficiencies can cause kids not eat. If it's haven't tried that I would recommend trying it. That will at least give him the nutrients he is missing out on. Good Luck!
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  • I used to be on this board and was just stopping by to see what was up. Anyways, My son was a preemie with severe reflux and after being vented a long time developed severe oral aversion and has severe sensory issues.  What you describe sounds very much in line with a sensory issue or aversion.  Sometimes a result of (silent) reflux but not always.

    My son did feeding therapy through first steps.  If you're not familiar with that let me know.  I would call and schedule an evaluation tomorrow.  Get a therapist that has at least 3 years experience with feeding specifically.  

    My son did therapy from 18 mo to 3 years.  It is slow but he is 5 and an absolutely fantastic eater now.  

    My youngest was a preemie and had undiagnosed reflux and gagged or puked on all purees & solid.  First steps evaluated him, said he had silent reflux, and 2 weeks on medication and he eats just fine.  (More than fine...haha...)

    please ask if you have any questions. I'll try to stop by again in case you do!  

    If you happen to live on the north side of Indianapolis, I have an amazing therapist rec for you. 
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  • I'm realizing your kiddo JUST turned 3.  Bummer.  He just is too old for First Steps.  I'm unsure if there is a way to get a state funded evaluation. You need to ask your pedi. 

    Otherwise, get an outpatient eval.  Our local hospital has one, and there are also feeding clinics around the area. 

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