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What do you have hanging in your lo closet and what do you put in their dressers?

In lo dresser I have
Diapers, wipes, cream
Sleepers newborn
Sleepers 0-3
Pants/onsie outfits, jeans

One piece outfits, sweaters, dressier tops, sleepers for 6-12 months..., coats etc
Blankets are put on the shelf, as are the extra diapers and wipes.

What does yours look like?

Re: closet/dresser

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    We have a 3yo daughter. Expecting twins but haven't set up the nursery yet.

    This is how our 3yo room ended up.
    Closet: All coats (even big/other season) and dresses. We gave some smaller "special dresses still stored in there. We have a set of plastic shelves in the bottom of the closet that hold big clothes that don't fit yet.
    Changing Table: diapers, wipes, lotions, thermometer, burp clothes and receiving blankets (well, the last two are packed away now that she's bigger, but that's where they were when we needed them). Sheets lived in the baskets below the changing table for a while, but now they're in a drawer.
    Dresser: all clothes that fit now and are seasonally appropriate. Clothes from last summer that we thought might fit again next year are in a box in the closet.
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