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How does your baby fall asleep?

So, Nia is 4 weeks now and I'm trying to get a routine going here but honestly don't know how (terrible mom?). She eats every 3-4 hours, lately she's had a 5 hour stretch during the night (growth spurt??) During the day she has no problems falling asleep, she'll sleep anywhere, anyhow, with any nose but at night she's a little picky. I hate to admit DH might be right when he says I've spoiled her but I might've. She has reflux, I would say mild. But she also gets congested at night, haven't figured out from what yet, so I'm all over her afraid something will happen. Anywho, she wont fall asleep unless I put her to sleep and leave her in bed with me. I have her PNP right next to me (it has a bassinet) but she'll cry even there.

I try to put her to sleep and then put her n bed, which works but when she wakes up she screams. Help!

Any ideas on how I can change this?
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Re: How does your baby fall asleep?

  • First off, you are not a terrible mom, so don't even worry about that.  Like PP said, all babies are different.  My DD has always slept in her crib, some night are much easier than others.  Do you swaddle Nia?  Once I swaddle DD, she goes down in a matter of minutes.  Our nightly routine is to feed her, take her back and check her diaper, swaddle, give a bit more food from the bottle (although my DD is now 10 weeks old, so you may not want to give a bottle yet if you haven't started it, not sure when you will begin that), which generally makes her fall asleep.  While I'm holding her feeding her the bottle, I'm constantly moving, swaying, bouncing, etc.  She's out in a matter of minutes.  Even at 4 weeks, your LO sleeps for longer stretches than my 10 week old does, so hopefully you can move past this phase pretty quickly!  Good Luck!
  • Thanks ladies. She used to love to be swaddled, she hates it now. She freaks out, and even if I leave her in it, she gets out she is so sstrong! I'm going to try bathing, feeding, rocking and putting her down. She loves her swing so maybe ill try that instead of lying her flat. She likes to sleep on her side. So we'll see wat works. Thanks again
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  • DD2 is the same age...we swaddle her and she sleeps in her crib at night.  During the day, I try to have her take at least one of her naps in her crib as well. 

    We co-slept with DS and it was a nightmare to get him to sleep.  Finally after 5 years and getting bunk beds (he sleeps on the top bunk), no one can lay with him to get him to sleep.  We didn't want the same problems with the girls (we found co-sleeping very disruptive once they got older). They have always slept in their crib.
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  • First, you cannot spoil a newborn! They need all the love and attention you can give, that's how they learn to trust you.
    If your LO has reflux, try the rock n play ( target sells them). It keeps baby on an incline and sort of cuddled in.
    Until my dd was about 6 weeks (11 weeks now) she couldn't sleep unless we held her. Could be that your LO wants to be held. Now my dd sleeps great in her RnP, but she still has nights, like last night, that she just wants to be held all night. It's all normal and they do grow out of it.
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  • At 9 wks I asked my pedi similar q's. He said for the 1st 3 mos get LO to sleep any way I can, at 4 mos we'll talk about putting LO down awake in his own space. The congestion is likely b/c the sinuses aren't fully developed and LO is "managing" (pedi's word) his nasal secretions. Nothing to do about it (asides removing the bugger hanging down that LO is crying about). At 9 wks my LO generally requires proximity (co-sleeping) overnight to return to sleep quickly. Every other feeding I put him in the bassinet and that's working more and more. LO is still waking 3-4x a night and this momma wants the quickest way back to sleep b/c toddler will inevitably wake me soon. When LO is waking less overnight, I'll make the effort to try the crib each time. GL.

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    My DS sleeps in the RnP by our bed. He is almost 9 weeks old. He likes the incline. We are trying to transition him to his crib so I bought a crib wedge and put rolled up blankets under the sheets, two on either side and one in a "U" shape at the bottom to keep him from sliding down. This mimicks the RnP he will nap in there during the day but have yet to get him to sleep in there at night. I admit I don't push it, I like having him by my bed and be able to reach out and rock him if he starts to fuss. He loves being rocked. But the RnP is the way to go! It was recently recalled though for mold growing in between the cover and plastic part. Just have to make sure you wash it a lot and make sure the cover is completely dry before putting it back together!
  • It depends on the night. Sometimes LO will fall asleep almost right after eating, other times it'll take an hour of swinging in her swing or being in her RnP and other times she likes to be rocked. When she's just about to sleep or is asleep I put her in a bassinet by the bed. As for her congestion, have you tried a humidifier? My BIL highly suggested getting one for our LO after my niece was congested through the night for several months. They got a humidifier and she was no longer congested at the night.
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  • I like her being in bed with me. And she loves to be right on her mama. I like it bcuz if she happens to choke (from time to time she does) she's right next to me. It helps me mentally, I'm so scared of her choking and me not hearing her to be able to do anything. Thanks ladies.
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  • We co slept for the first month, and now at 10 weeks she's usually ok in her crib. Our bedtime routine is bath, swaddle, and side-lying nurse. LO falls asleep nursing in my bed, I wait 10min or so to make sure she's completley asleep and move her to her crib. Sometimes wakes up, and she either self soothes or we start over again. After 2 unsuccessful attempts at moving to the crib she ends up just sleeping with us - I'm pretty much down for whatever it takes to get LO to sleep

    Ps, YouTube swaddle techniques, LO kept breaking out of them in the beginning and we found a 2 blanket technique that secured her arms better and she doesnt break out of it (and she's a strong 15 lb baby)
  • I can tell you I feel horrible for having no set schedule, other than my son (6.5 weeks) is pretty much a sleep for 2-3hrs up for 1-3 hours, sleep for 2-3 hrs baby. He never did well with swaddling- and was a Houdine (sp) when we would put him in the Swaddle Me blankets-or the baby straight jacket as my hubby calls them, and he would always find a way to have his feet out, and at least one arm out, from the day we brought him home and was 3 weeks early!
    He does has mild reflux-not screaming from it or refusing to eat- but just kind of erpy and can't be laid down flat, and will wake from sleep during the day with that sour stomach/acid reflux eww gross look on his face. So he naps in his carseat or swing, or on me, and he sleeps in a Bright Stars version of the RnP. Though I almost think the Bright Stars has too much of angle, because his breathing seems to bit louder and his head is a bit tipped forward (just my opinion). 
    I have tried the bassinet in the PnP from day, he SCREAMED!! And if he didn't scream we could
    maybe a 10 min nap. I even tried putting a wedge under one end and rolling blankets up around him, but he wiggles them out of place and then I'm a nervous wreck he'll get himself stuck, so then I don't sleep at all. And the same with the crib, I just can't put him in another room, especially when he's a spitter. They say babies are best on their backs, but I'm not believing that at  this point :)
    So we do what we can so that we all get sleep, and it sometimes means on my chest reclined on the couch.
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