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Similac checks

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Hey there, just recently switched to similac from enfamil! I gave my check coupon things to some friends that were using similac, but now I'm in need! Anyone have some and they aren't using?! If so is would love to take them and put them to great use! :) thanks!

Re: Similac checks

  • Just FYI I signed up for that Similac email list when my sister had her twins 3 years ago.  I mailed her all of my "checks" (which you can see they are in your name at the top) and she got one "confiscated" by a Target cashier! They asked to SEE HER ID and told her it was fraud to use a check that was written to someone other than herself.  It was incredibly embarrassing for her.  She only got stopped once though.  So keep collecting them but just FYI you may get asked at the checkout for your ID.  And I dont have any, im sorry. I do have Enfamil though?
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