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Moms w/ Bugaboo Cameleons, what car seat do you have?

We just got our Bugaboo Cameleon and are not sure what infant car seat would work best. We were originally going to go with the Maxi Cosi but I've read mixed reviews about the adapters with the stroller. Ideally I would not like something too heavy, but will go with whatever is safest and fits best. What infant car seat do you have and would you recommend yours?
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Re: Moms w/ Bugaboo Cameleons, what car seat do you have?

  • We have the Graco Snugride 35 and were really happy with the adaptor and car seat combo.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  We have had the cameleon since DD was born over 2.5 years ago.  :)
  • For my first child, we had/have a Peg Perego baby seat with our Cameleon.  It is lightweight and a more narrowish carseat--not bulky or cumbersome. It is very highly regarded in terms of safety and has been very easy for me and my husband to use. He is now in a convertible Peg Perego (17 months old).  I have been very pleased with the Peg Perego seats. I'm expecting again and putting new baby boy in the same setup.  As a petite woman, I have loved the Cameleon and Peg Perego products. They are lightweight but very well made and "solid."  The Peg Perego adapters worked great with the Cameleon once I got the hang of them--they are very simple and snap into the stroller/bottom of carseat.  The stroller is very lightweight and easy for me to fold up.  It is also very maneuverable, meaning I can push stroller with one hand and carry baby car seat with one arm (until they weigh a lot more, of course). :)  My husband REALLY wanted the City Select and while I liked that stroller too (works well with Peg Perego too), I found it a little too heavy for me.  Haven't decided what we will do with two littles and the stroller situation.  I think as of now, we'll play it by ear and see once baby arrives if my older son wants to be in stroller too or walk--then might have to breakdown and buy a double stroller. :(
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    Get a Nuna Pipa or a Cybex Aton 2. They both have the leg that goes to the floor of the car for less movement in a crash. It's something you see mostly on European seats but starting to be included in seats here. While all seats are safe I like that it has the extra added feature. Also the Nuna Pipa attached with rigid latch and in studies rigid latch is the only thing that is definitively considered safer because it allows no left to right movement of the base in a crash.
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