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Mid-cycle spotting?

Hi Ladies,

I got my period back the first week in January.  I had what I thought may have been mid-cycle spotting about 30 days before my period started, but when I looked back at my cervical position and mucus, I believe it may actually have been my "warning period."  Meaning I had 2-3 days of spotting, 16 days later I had EWCM and a positive OPK (no sex in our house at the time because all 3 of us were suffering from the world's worst cold=not sexy), and 13 days after that I started my period.  Well, I'm on CD 16 now, and I had 2 days of spotting on CD 13-14.  I'm not showing any fertile signs yet.  I'm wondering if anyone else who's regained their cycle had mid-cycle spotting?  I never had it before I had DS, and I know it can be totally normal (i.e. drop in estrogen before ovulation or follicles bursting), but it's just something new, and I'm wondering if anyone else dealt with this post-partum.

I know I may seem obsessive, but with my IF history and suffering from amenorrhea (lack of a period) for 3 years, I'm constantly on the look out for fertile signs or signs that something is wrong.  DH and I can't wait to have another one, but we're nearing the time of year where we won't prevent instead of full on trying. 

I'm an accountant, and I missed all of last tax season (Jan thru April) last year for my maternity leave.  Once we have two (be positive!), I'll be a stay at home mom, but I'd like to get my replacement trained and through one tax season before I resign.  Also, one of my co-workers is retiring at the end of April, so I'm potentially looking at training in two newbies next tax season.  I realize these things can't always be planned, but I work for my father's practice, so needless to say, my boss is pretty awesome, and I love my clients, so I just don't want people to feel like I'm leaving them high and dry.  Also, I received 75% of my regular salary during my maternity leave last year, but I missed out on the 5-figure end of tax season bonus.  It would be pretty great to deposit that bonus into an emergency fund right before I have a second child and become a SAHM.   

Me: unexplained infertility - annovulatory DH: testicular cancer survivor!! TTC since June 2009 BFP May 11, 2012 EDD January 24, 2013 June 1, 2012 - first u/s, heartbeat 124 BPM!! June 22, 2012 - heard the heartbeat 9w1d 181 BPM!! 24 hours of labor, 4 1/2 hours of pushing, and IT'S A BOY! Welcome to the world my miracle, we prayed and prayed for you, and we can't believe you're here!
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