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This is a new one...

I'm normally a lurker, but I had to share this. I received a shower invite written from the perspective of the guest of honor's DD.

It included a cutesy poem about Mommy's belly growing, how she is excited to have a little brother, etc. It ended with the registry info and the statement that "Gift cards are welcome."

Is this a thing now? I'm already in the anti second shower camp, but this took it to a whole new level!

Re: This is a new one...

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    I was invited to a second shower for a close friend (their second boy in less than 2 years) and the invite said something like, we have everything we need from DS#1, so DS#2 needs diapers, wipes, and gift cards.  It seems it might be becoming a thing.
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  • Wait, is she throwing her own second shower, but making it look like her daughter is doing it?!
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  • Ugh I've seen these before.  Gross.  Just as tacky as the poem I once saw on a website that went through a laundry list of pregnancy woes and aches and pains to express why new mom needed your gift to cheer her up.
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    I'm also new around here. I have been lurking, but had to chime in on this one. I was angry that my sister-in-law wanted a shower for her THIRD kid just because this was a new Dad. She never sent thank you cards to anyone, including us (we hosted and spent the money because we were too nice not to.) We didn't ask anyone to bring anything. 

     We just received an invite for a cousin for her 4th kid and the invite said to bring diapers....RIDICULOUS. We aren't going. It's your 4th kid. 

    I don't think you should ever tell people what to bring. When have gift cards not been welcome? 

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  • msmerymac said:

    Wait, is she throwing her own second shower, but making it look like her daughter is doing it?!

    That's right! Well, technically the grandmother is hosting. I'd like to hope that my friend knew nothing about it.

  • Ick! 100% ick!!! 
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  • People should just start sending out "invitations" saying "we're having a is our bank account number; we want some money."
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