Meeting with new Agency on Wednesday

Hi all,

We have an appointment to meet with our new private agency on Wednesday. What questions should I remember to ask them? I don't want to forget anything!

Mostly, I will just be happy to have this meeting behind us so that we can get started with the process. I am so sick of doing nothing but waiting.


Re: Meeting with new Agency on Wednesday

  • We asked some basic question on licensing (was it up to date, when was their last update, etc)

    Ratio of placements to waiting families

    What % of placements resulted in disruptions or disappointments. What happened to families who experienced them (did they go to the top of the wait list, what happened to fees)

    If they could provide references, from families with successful placements as well as those with disruptions/disappointments (helps to know how they support those with adoptions that don't fall through)

    If their contract is good for the life of the process, or if it needed to be updated/re-signed periodically

    Fee schedule, and if it is expected to change

    How much counseling is provided to all members of the triad

    Length of TPR (state-specific, but our agency worked in 7 states, so it varied based on birthparent location)

    State laws on birthfather rights, and how that could impact an adoption

    That's all I can think of right now

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  • I have nothing else to add but GL! 

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    TTC # 1 Since October 2010 (Not preventing since 2009)
    November 2013: Applied & Accepted by the Agency
    January 2014: Home Study, education class, Profiles
    February 2014: "Officially Waiting"
  • @hey_its_jenn Thanks! Sometimes the good luck wishes feel like they are doing the most good.
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