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Hypoplastic breasts?

I'm notorious for playing Dr. Google and diagnosing myself with various ailments, but I think this one really could be a correct diagnosis.

I had a baby a week ago.  He was early due to IUGR and born at 37 weeks.  A week later and my milk still hasn't come in.  If I pump for 15 minutes, I get about 5ml of colostrum/milk (not sure which it is - it's sort of yellowish).  We are giving him formula in the meantime, but I started to wonder if I was part of the 1-2% of people that can't breastfeed due to hypoplastic breasts.  I have many of the characteristics including breasts being far apart, breasts being two different sizes and no breast changes during pregnancy.

Anyone else have this? I called a lactation consultation today but haven't heard back yet.

Re: Hypoplastic breasts?

  • My milk took 10 days and Reglan to come in with DD1- follow pp's info-keep nursing and pumping.
  • Stay away from Dr Google! No breast changes during pregnancy can be normal for some. Two different breast sizes is VERY normal. It can also take longer for milk to come in in premature and/or c-section babies.

    Like PP said, start baby at breast first, pump after every feed to boost supply, do lots of skin to skin to get the hormones flowing, and perhaps do a weighted feed to see if you even need to supplement at all (not sure if it's too early for that). You can do it if you want to.



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  • DD2 was full-term, but I had a really fast labor, and it took my milk a week to come in. I also don't respond well to the pump, but I EBFed until DD2 was 18 months old. Mature milk is a bluish-white color, so you might be pumping colostrum or transitional milk. You need to be pumping at least 8 times/day, and make sure your pump is working correctly. You should get in to see an LC ASAP.
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    AmyG* said:
    They are slightly fuller than photograph on that last site and my nipples are smaller but yeah, they do sort of hang like that.
  • My friend has some serious pancake boobs and she BFed two kids 2 years each. Be encouraged!

    (Unless you don't want to BF, and are looking for an out. If that's the case, like PP said, you don't need permission. If FF is best for you, then that's ok, too. )



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