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Sucking on 2 fingers

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DD was never into a pinky or pacifier. But she sucks on her right middle and index finger at the same time whenever she's hungry or tired as a smoothing method. I never thought it was an issue until I notice today there's a huge blister. I don't think it's uncomfortable for her but it looks like it hurts.

anyone have an the same issue? you think i need to worry? Im also going to bring in up at our 12m checkup this week. 

Re: Sucking on 2 fingers

  • DD sucks on her two fingers and one time I noticed there was a red bump similar to a blister.  I just left it alone and it went away.  If it had continued I would have mentioned it to the dr.  
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  • No need to worry in a sense. The fact that she's sucking her fingers instead of her thumb....totally normal and no need to worry. The fact that she's sucking her fingers...........somewhat worrisome as they aren't something you can take away (like a paci) and if gone on too long will effect her teeth.

    For now though it's relatively normal and I wouldn't be concerned! :)

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