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whatre you doing this weekend.

Im plopping my butt down on the couch for the harry potter weekend on abc and snuggling my poor teething boy. This morning i made him a teething paci. And now were having a coversation about why harry potter is awesome.

Im also explaing why he should date a girl like hermione.

What are you ladies up to this weekend?
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Re: whatre you doing this weekend.

  • That sounds like an awesome weekend.

    I rearranged my bedroom yesterday and the animals and I have been hanging out in here watching tv and occasionally doing what pitiful exercises I'm still able to do.

    I'd like to find something more exciting for the rest of the weekend.

    Weekends are always pretty restful for me because my ex is home and I don't have to dogsit during the day.
  • My mom came over today and helped me remove a whole bunch of shit out of my house. Like this big bulky combo TV/VCR thing that was hanging out in my kitchen because my dad installed it thinking "kitchen good place yes for TV?" Idiot. ~_~ tomorrow BF is coming over, I'm looking forward to snuggling with my two favorite people.
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  • Winter weather advisory here for the next week. Guess whose got cabin fever. This girl
  • Watching The Godfather about 15 times on AMC. Having a cry sesh. Waiting on the delivery man to bring me the Ben & Jerry's he forgot yesterday. Bored out of my mind.

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  • DD and I just hung out and had a quiet weekend at home.  Until last night when she started getting fussy and showing signs of yet another F-ing ear infection.   8-}
  • Oh poor little lady! Is there a chiropractor who works on children close by? That might help prevent her having to get tubes
  • I'm not sure.  Her doctor has referred her to an ENT who she's supposed to see tomorrow.  I'm trying to get her in today and am waiting for them to call me back.  How would a chiropractor help her?
  • Some times ear infections can be caused by being out of alignment. Some times it doesnt.
  • We kept busy all weekend so I wasn't online :) We did the mall/build a bear/bungee jump on Saturday and then Monkey Joes (like a Chuck e Cheese but with bounce houses) on Sunday.
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  • LAMuehlen said:
    Some times ear infections can be caused by being out of alignment. Some times it doesnt.
    I wonder if our insurance will pay for that...
  • It depends on the insurance i believe. Itshould though you can call around and ask :-)
  • We'd have to have a referral from her PCP.  : (
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