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Rotten Egg Poop

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In the last week, DD's toots and poop have started to have a strong sulphur/rotten eggs smell. We EBF so this just seems off asDS had poo that didn't smell. Anyone else experiencing this or know if this should be a concern?

ETA: poops are still yellow and seedy
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Re: Rotten Egg Poop

  • Yes it smells really bad. I also EBF so it's definitely what we eat. Her poop and farts have been less stinky the last two days and I'm thinking it's because I haven't had any dairy.

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  • When I eat eggs, among other things, my baby's farts smell like that.
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  • Yes! I EBF but lately her farts have been super smelly like sulphur!
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  • Do you use a vitamin? After using the vitamin LOs poop started to stink
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    MY LO has had stinky poops lately as well!!

    ETA: We EBF as well..
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  • I EBF and LO's farts and poop stunk like that until I gave up dairy earlier this week.
  • I EBF and LO has been letting out some stinky farts lately as well. Her poop itself doesn't smell, but when she first does it there is definitely an odor. Maybe it is what I'm eating but I'm not eating anything differently so I'm not sure.
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