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7 week old development is it on track?

my baby is 7 weeks old. Should he be grasping a rattle and cooing? I read that he should be but he rarely coos and doesnt reach for objects. ...is that normal? What is everyone else's baby doing or not doing at this stage.....thanks


  • That seems really young to be grasping a raffle. My LO will be 10 weeks Monday, and while he will grab onto things, he's not shaking any rattles yet.
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  • 7w and cooing here but I don't expect my LO to deliberately grasp and hold something for months to come. Sure, he'll accidentally grasp something (e.g. necklace) but doesn't even know it. I don't recall my DD (now 2.5yo) ever using a rattle. I must have missed that window.

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  • Mine is 3 mo old today and still can't grasp and hold on to things intentionally. He bats at stuff, sometimes accidentally grabs stuff, but his hands are still mostly in fists and he isn't holding and playing with toys yet. He has really only started to notice and bat at toys in the past month, about the same time he started cooing. I think your LO is early to be doing this stuff and I definitely would not be worried. 
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  • My almost 10 week old isn't reaching for objects yet. He will stare at things and he is definitely very verbal (coos and smiles a lot) but he hasn't quite caught on to the idea of toys and what they are for. :)

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  • 12 weeks here and we do not have any intentional arm / hand movements. At about 10 weeks she began to flail at he hanging toys on the play mat, but does not look at them while doing so.
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