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Milk/formula in Sippy

Okay so my son turns 1 wed.... I should put away all his bottles, right? Then do I give 1/2 formula 1/2 milk in sippys until he is only on milk? Scared!!! How will he get enough to drink as he litterly only sips from his cups now. I know this has been posted but if someone could tell me the sequence of all these changes (no bottle, no formula, no night time feeding). Also, should I do 1/2 or 3/4 formula to milk until transitioned?

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  • amnat84 said:
    DD turned one today and I haven't started anything honestly.  I don't think the minute they turn one you have to just toss bottles out the window.  Some pedis recommend by 15 months.  I'm going to start transitioning to WCM this week then once we've got that under our belts I'll start switching to sippies.  I don't want to overwhelm her with too many changes at once.  
    This exactly! We are working on transition to WCM first and then will worry about getting rid of the bottle.
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  • I was just posting about this on my blog.  We did a formula/milk mix in the bottle before we transitioned to straight milk in sippy.  The transition actually went quite smooth.  We kicked the bottle, bottle warmer and formula and went right to sippy with whole organic milk.  He did just fine.  We are supplementing vitamin d drops and pro-biotics.  
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  • I neve did any mixing, I just did straight up milk in the sippy.  She still gets formula in a bottle before bed, but I'll cut that one out when this can of formula is gone, I'm not in a rush.

    She gets the sippy cup at meals and doesn't drink as much milk as she did formula, but that is fine.  Milk is just a drink after one, it's not a meal like formula was, as long as they are eating food well.

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