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When will my milk dry up?

Hi Ladies- I breastfed for the last time over a week and a half ago. Haven't pumped since then either. I sort of did a gradual wean, but definitely not as gradual as I had planned. I was put on antibiotics which encouraged me to stop BFing more abruptly than I had intended. Anyway, long story short… I am in agony. My boobs hurt so badly and are full of rock-solid lumps and bumps. I just accidentally banged my laptop into one of my boobs and it not only hurt horribly, but the force made milk shoot out and soak more shirt. Please tell me the end is in sight!

Re: When will my milk dry up?

  • I posted something similar a few weeks back.  If you are so hard and lumpy that you might develop mastitis, pump a tiny bit to relieve the pressure.  Sudafed helped me to dry up more quickly and at some point you do have to just take the pain for a day or two.  I weaned and stopped pumping the first week in December and if I squeeze my boob, milk will still shoot out.  My breasts aren't hard at all and I don't feel like there is milk in there, but there is still some milk in there that hasn't reabsorbed into my body yet.  
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  • I've heard cabbage leaves help.
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  • Thank you for the advice ladies. The other night, when I wrote this, I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. I was so tempted to let my LO breastfeed again but I think it is best to stop now. Regardless, when I woke up the next morning it was soooooo much better. It's not 100% done but the lumps are gone and it isn't agonizing if something bangs into my boobs. I guess I won't have to think about BFing again until baby#2 arrives in August :) 
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