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Dry skin around LO's mouth

Hello everyone... Just looking for some BTDT advice on baby skin. My baby is 10 days old and yesterday I noticed the area above and below her mouth is dry and slightly peeling. I know we should expect some dry and peeling skin due to her being out of the amniotic fluid, but I'm wondering if I should put something on it to help any chapped feeling she may have. Would you apply something to the area or would you just leave it be? I'm mostly concerned about it getting worse and hurting her due to this crazy cold and dry weather we are having. Thanks!

our little flower born 01.13.14
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Re: Dry skin around LO's mouth

  • Aquaphor, maybe it's from milk. Wipe LOs mouth with wet rag after eating.
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  • Second cleaning around the mouth after eating. I like Aveeno Baby Eczema. Regular Aveeno lotion made my LO scream - I think it stung a little. Vaseline is also great to use. Haven't put Aquaphor on LO but I use it on my hands all the time. Just know if she is a little chapped on her lip, any lotion might make her cry because it stings. Aquaphor and Vaseline shouldn't sting.
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