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XH just called.

I just moved back to FL two weeks ago. DD and I moved because he's taking a job in Louisiana and moving out there. We had been living in MA, where we moved two years ago for his job.

When I moved, I packed everything I could in his SUV and drove it down. His new company is hiring movers and packers to transport the rest of our stuff (mostly DD's toys and stuff like that) to his new home, and he could then either drive or ship to me, so he told me it would be fine, he could handle the rest, after all, he had a month to do it.

He now tells me that he hasn't done a thing since I left. He just had a long weekend and spent the entire time playing video games and goofing off. He now wants to fly me up there to help him sort through things and clean and prepare for the movers to come, because he leaves next weekend. 

I just told him we could Skype and I'd help him sort but he should save that money and hire a cleaning service (which is a lot cheaper than flying me up)! Not to mention I would have to find someone to watch DD for the weekend. He's grumpy about it, but sorry dude, you don't get to goof off and then inconvenience at least three other people (me, DD, and whoever has to watch her for the weekend) by having me come clean up the mess. 
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