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Night time bottle/feeding

First, sorry I have been so full of questions lately :) Benjamin's bedtime routine is bath, Jammie's, cuddle, bottle then bed. I used to nurse him at bedtime but my milk supply tanked when I was pg. Now he doesn't want to nurse at night he wants his 6 oz bottle (infant formula). Well my dr says we can phase it out since he is 1 now...... He likes his bottle and I do not see this being a simple "phase out". What is everyone else doing?
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Re: Night time bottle/feeding

  • My Benjamin turns 1 on Monday. Our routine is the same except we do book then bottle. I just started on Friday giving him a sippy cup top instead of a bottle nipple (Its an interchangeable top on my avent bottles). The first night he wasn't thrilled but still took his full bottle. Once he has been on that a few weeks I will start moving it up. I will give bottle then read book, then wait a week or so then do bottle, then Jammie's, again wait a week epir so then do bottle then bath. Eventually I will change to a regular sippy cup too I figure it will take a Month or so.
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  • Ugh i want to know about this too.  We still nurse before 2 naps and bedtime and once at night.  I have no idea or plans of changing this yet as it works for us and she goes to sleep so well that way.  But I am dreading her one year appointment next week because I know they are going to tell me to change it and I just don't want to yet!!!
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  • I still give DD a 6 oz bottle, but once this can of formula is gone, I'm going to a sippy of milk.  I'm going to start giving her less and less each night too because I don't think they need to drink that much before bed, if they are eating well during the day.  So eventually I hope she'll just take a drink of milk, then go to sleep and cut out the drink completely soon after that.  It's probably not going to be as hard as you think :)
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  • Our pedi said to give her the sippy cup and put water instead of the milk or formula. She isn't drinking as much but hasn't been fussy. The hardest part is getting the sippy out of her hands to put her in bed
  • DS is one in a couple of days but I'm going to gradually start cutting down on bottles of formula until his dr's appointment next week.  He had been taking 5 until last week and I cut it down to 4 this week since he's been eating more finger foods.  Night time bottle might actually be the next one I'll cut since our routine has been dinner, bottle, bath, story, bed for a long time and he's been drinking less at that bottle all on his own.  

    I have noticed that he since cutting out one bottle he has been drinking more water throughout the day but I may do formula in the sippy cup before cutting it out completely.

    Morning bottle and the one before his nap may be the hardest ones.
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  • I was actually just blogging about this.  We recently transitioned from the bottle (with formula/milk mix) to sippy with milk.  This transition went really well for us.  We are also supplementing Vit D drops and Pro-biotics.  

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