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I can get a great deal on older models right now as I understand the 2014 is coming out in February. Is there any particular reason that I would want to pay more for the 2014? Anyone know what updates are planned?

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Re: City mini 2014

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    Just did a quick search, and it looks like the only changes to the City Mini are some new colors and Baby Jogger's new logo.  I also caught a great sale on the 2013 BJ City Versa because they aren't making any changes to it either, besides the new logo.  HTH!

    ETA:  I guess they are also updating the 5-point harness on all of their models, but I have a 2010 City Mini and 2011 Summit XC and I can attest that the harness is already fine the way it is.  Sometimes the straps get twisted around a bit (which I think is what they are fixing), but it really isn't a big deal at all, and the buckles work fine.
  • Just colors and new logo, like PP said.
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  • If you do a search online, you can find youtube videos that show the new 2014 models. In addition to the new colors and logo, the harness system will now adjust in the back of the seat and it has a different style buckle. 
  • I absolutely hate the harness on the city mini. If I had the chance to buy an improved version, I would. Overall I love the stroller but that is the one thing I would change in a heartbeat.
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