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NWMR: tell me about car seat laws (NJ)

last night we were at BIL's house and DD had a bad reaction to peanuts so I had to take her to the er.  I talked to MIL quickly and she said that she would watch DS, but it was past his bed time already so I said DH could take him home and I"d take DD by myself.  I'm not sure if we really clarified how DH and DS would get home.  I assumed MIL and FIL would stay at BIL's house to watch his kids while BIL drove DH and DS home, because BIL has a 2 year old so he has a car seat DS, 1 1/2, would be able to use.  

I found out when I got home from the er that MIL and FIL drove DH and DS home, without a car seat.  We do live about 1/2 a mile from BIL, a 2 minute drive, but I still can't believe they did that.  Besides the obvious saftey concerns, does anyone know what would have happened if they had gotten pulled over.  Of course they would have gotten a ticket, but I don't see the cop letting them go on their way with DS not in a car seat.  Would it have become a DYFIS case?

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  • Im not sure,  was it unsafe, sure, but for a 1/2 mile drive not a big deal if not on a major hwy and they went slow.  yes I know accidents happen close to home but a one time thing isn't a big deal, now repeated of course.

    How is your other one with the peanut allergy? Im sorry he didn't respond to benadryl and you had to go there.
    I disagree that it's not a big deal being 1/2 miles. Most accidents happen close to home.
    Not sure what would have happened had the been pulled over though.

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  • Oh my, I would have lost it. There are so many better ways this could have been handled. Any of the adults could have driven your DH home to pick up his car with car seat or like you said use BILs car. I have no idea legally what would have happened. But I would make sure everyone knows this is NOT an acceptable scenario EVER. No matter how close it is.
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  • Thanks for the responses.  My daughter is fine, 1 shot of an epi pen and she was a totally different kid.  Turns out my BIL did drive DH and DS home, DH just thought it would be fun to mess with me.  I'm going to double check this with my MIL in case this is his way of getting out of trouble, but I"m pretty sure its his idea of a joke.
  • I agree that it was a weird "joke."  And 1/2 mile?  Wrap the kid in a blanket and walk.

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