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Baby holding head

I'm just wondering if this is a developmental thing, or if I should ask the doc about it.  For about a week I've seen Auli holding her head with both hands.  I know when babies get ear aches they can continually touch their ears, so I'm wondering if she has a headache or something?

She puts her hands on either side of her head, behind her ears.  Like she's a 1950s fashion model posing for the camera.  Are your babies doing this too?  Maybe she's just discovering her head or having some fun? She's four months.  She seems content mostly.

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  • My LO isn't doing this either. I'd ask just for peace of mind and of course watch for any other signs that she might be uncomfortable. 
  • Ask your doctor, but Zoe sometimes does that like she's posing too. Not really holding her head per se, but sort of what  you describe as a fashion model. 
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    Aria has been grabbing at her ears lately and I got worried about it, not like that but she grabs at them while nursing or will grab at them while she's fussy. Doctor looked at them and he said she's fine and that babies just do that as they are discovering different things. I would still ask to be sure but for us she is fine.:)
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  • Thanks everyone!  She goes in for her four month shots on Tuesday.  I'll ask then, and keep a close eye on her until then.  I'm sure it's nothing, but better safe than sorry.
  • My LO does this all the time. Our babies are going to grow up to be models. 

    I asked the Dr. when we were there for her 4 month shots and she said it was just developmental. I was worried about an earache too. 
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  • DD did this since birth. Her da root position to sleep in is with her hands behind her ears. I think that's how she was positioned in utero so that's comfy for her. Dr said its nothing to worry ant

  • My dd strokes her head with her hands but i think she's just feeling her soft hair.


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  • Emily grabs her hair all the time while nursing, but she hasn't done the supermodel pose yet.


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  • My son has been doing this since right before his two month appointment. I thought he might have an ear ache. The doctor said his ears and head are dry and that's why he does it. Now he does it every time he gets very sleepy. It's good to ask the doctor, but I am sure it's nothing to worry about.
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  • I may be thinking of something completely different but, I believe I've only seen my LO do this when she is eating and lying down on her side. Definitely ask the doc but I would also try to pay attention to when LO is doing this. Is it at certain times of the day? Does she only do it when she's sleepy, ect.....
  • Chey rubs the back of her head when she is nursing and puts her hands by her ears, but has always done this since a young age.

  • jenny5o5 said:
    Like @happybride 276 's icon? My LO has not done this but definitely tugs at her ears while nursing.
    Haha, yep!

    I guess I'm not asking about the fun positions she gets her fists and arms into while nursing (she's all over the place.  Claws my boob, puts her fists next to her face, puts her fingers in her eyes, etc).  But I notice this weird head hold at the strangest times.  Like we were sitting in front of the TV watching a show.  I was cross legged, and she was sitting on my lap.  She put her hands up to her head and sat there.  Then she did it a few times in her bassinet, but seemed a bit more bothered about something (waking up from sleep maybe?).  And now she does it too when her diaper is getting changed.  She coos and yells at me while I change her diaper.
  • I may be thinking of something completely different but, I believe I've only seen my LO do this when she is eating and lying down on her side. Definitely ask the doc but I would also try to pay attention to when LO is doing this. Is it at certain times of the day? Does she only do it when she's sleepy, ect.....
    I haven't really noticed anything specific.  I'm going to try to pay more attention.
  • DD does this too I just figured she was feeling her hair. She wil grab her ears too but doesn't seem like she's in pain, I assumed she is just exploring her body.

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  • Marisa does this ocassionally too, just like she's posing. She also does just the one hand, appearing as if she's taking a phone call! ;) I don't think you need to worry but I'd ask her pedi @ upcoming visit to be on the safe side.
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    I know it can be a sign if an war infection or pain if they tug on their ears....but from what I remember with my other two kids you could tell they were in pain... They were not themselves and fussy if something was wrong


  • I've heard tugging and playing with ears isn't usually a sign of an earache/ear infection until the baby is closer to 9 months

    That being said, my LO had an ear infection around 3 months and he tugged at his ear. He also stopped sleeping, stopped nursing on my right side, screamed non-stop, and tried to claw my eyes out if I got too close to him.
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  • Mine is doing the same, but he's trying to grab his ears, which he just discovered, and sometime he can't quite find them, so he looks pretty ridiculous!
  • OK I watched closer.  It seems she's mostly doing it when she's on her back and I've just put her somewhere.  For example, I've just put her onto her change table to get her bum changed.  Or I've just put her down to sleep.  Her face gets very upset looking, and her hands go to her head.  Seeing the doc on Tuesday. 
  • Yes, my lo has been doing this lately too! It's really cute and I haven't noticed her being fussy or uncomfortable during it so I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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