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Hey everyone! My son is 15.5 wks, 8 adj. He doesn't reach for his toys or hold onto them yet. He will hold onto his blanket, bib, my hair, my finger, etc. But not his toys. How did you all practice with your LO's getting them to do this?

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  • He probably doesn't have the strength to pick up and hold items yet. My IE nurse had us give DS the play rings and put him in his hands and once he held on we'd pull at it to help him build his hand strength. Good luck!
  • He's still to young for this motor skill. He's only 8 weeks.
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  • Throw3ks said:
    He's still to young for this motor skill. He's only 8 weeks.
    When does this develop? Even mine isn't reaching, but she does have a good grip.
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  • When we went to the dev clinic, there were preemies there that were 6 months adj and not reaching for toys.  They were very early and they were late at this skill, but 8 weeks adj is not late.  When M wouldn't do this, we just waved stuff around in front of her.  Rattles and toys with bells.  One day she got it.
  • I think DD started doing that around 5 months. 8 weeks adj would be really early for that.

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  • LO is 5.5mos actual/3 adjusted and she's just now starting to do this. She started batting at things a couple weeks ago and now will occasionally grab her oball, crinkly book, etc. Not the most graceful or smooth, but making improvements.
  • Our LO didn't start to hold onto toys until about 5 months actual, 3 adjusted. But it took him quite awhile to get the hang of it.

    We bought a floor playmat in September and I feel it was very beneficial. He started batting at, reaching for, and finally grabbing toys on it.

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