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Recommendations for a laptop backpack?

I've got two kids now and carrying everything is a nightmare (and I typically make two trips to and from the car) but also, my regular shoulder bag is heavy with the laptop and I just kind of hate it.  I want to get a backpack that will fit my laptop/power cord and then have other space for a tupperware lunch :) and probably a pair of heels (since I also transport the kiddos in more sensible shoes and then change at work lol)
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Re: Recommendations for a laptop backpack?

  • I LOVE my Swiss Army brand backpack. It has a lot of room to carry everything I need (laptop, cords, lunch and a few extras)/My DH is always on my case about heavy it is, but I am rarely at my desk/cube so I have to carry my office with me.

    It has really taken a beating and just kept going. I've had it at least 3-4years now and it just looking like it needs to be replaced soon.

  • I have a Targus laptop backpack and it has been my lifesaver.  I can fit in lunch, shoes, work and misc other junk I bring to work.  It has taken a beating also but really is holding up well.
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    I like Swiss army. My dh has a Targus but I think it is too bulky.
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