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S/O Flat Heads (before & after pics)

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It seems the subject of flat heads has come up a lot lately so I thought I would share pics of DS1's before and after pics.
As I have mentioned in other posts he wore a DOC Band.  There are different types of helmets.
He wore his for about 6 weeks (give or take a couple days).
He got hes when he was 5 months old.
He was not phased by the helmet at all.

This one you can see the changes to the back of his head (flat), the sides right in front of his ears (bulging out), and his forehead (pinched/narrow).

In this one you can see the back of his head (flat - easier to see in you compare the back of his head with his neck) and the top of his head was forming a bit of a high point near the back.



And just because, here's DS1 at 6 months wearing his Band.

ETA:  Not sure why the pictures are squished looking.  I tried to fix that and couldn't.  If you click on the pictures you can see them better.  Sorry about that.

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Re: S/O Flat Heads (before & after pics)

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    What a cutie!
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    His head wasn't even that flat to begin with! My friends baby is literally completely flat to the ears...it's scary looking!

    But very very cute!
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    We're doc band graduates too!!! We painted his and had a Yankees symbol on the front. He wore his for about 3 months. I was devastated at first but then it grew on me. He never minded it. Only downside was it was the summer so we had to make sure he didn't overheat
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    jgslr said:
    Hmm..I can't tell with all of dd's hair, but I'm going to be sure to keep an eye out. Thanks for sharing.
    My daughter has quite a bit of hair too, so I did not notice it all.  I notice her ears were off (asymmetrical) when I looked down at her head, and then I saw the side was flatter than the other. We are going to greatly increase our tummy time.  I was only doing a max of 30 minutes broken up all day since she did not like it.  Yesterday and today she seemed to tolerate more, which is great, and I am going to let her nap on her stomach on our lounger part of our couch with me next to her when possible.  She sleeps in the crib great and actually favors the non flat side, so I think it was maybe the swing she naps in.
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