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Will and living directive anyone?

Has anyone done their will and/or living directive? DH and I have have talked about it as much as we need to, but haven't put anything down in writing. We finally agree on who to leave the kids with, we just need to ask them if they are willing to have the kids.

Bonus: have you done any living directive for your LO(s)?
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Re: Will and living directive anyone?

  • We're in the exact situation as uou. I'm going to talk to the people we would want to leave our LO's with and get it going. I know that I do NOT want MIL to take them and I know for sure she would fight for them if I didn't have it written down.
    And no on the living directive.
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  • We have both our will and living directive done, but need to update it to include DS2.  I do not have anything on the boys though.
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  • DH and I have talked about it several times as well. But nothing in writing yet. I am thinking about just waiting until this upcoming LO is born to make it all official. Although our own living directives are something we really need to take care of. I know what I want but DH is always vaugue and generic about what he would like.

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  • Ugh.  No.  DH and I have talked about it and I know we should do it but....gah - where to start?!?! Anyone know what the first steps are?  Or can point me to any good webpages?  Do you need a lawyer for it?  Just get something notarized?  

    And as far as who to leave DD (and upcoming LO#2 with....).....that's another can of worms that really we should get in writing.  I don't want them to go to the parents would be slightly better, but they are getting old.  None of our siblings seems like good matches (at least at this point in their life).  There are one or two couples that have kids in similar age that I would trust, but do they *REALLY* want to be responsible for two more kids?  The one person I would really like to leave them with is a dear, dear friend who is a single guy in his 40s but DH thinks he would totally balk.  The only carrot I have for that situation is that DH and I have pretty good life insurance so the LOs should be pretty set if something does happen...  (*knocks on wood....*)
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  • We had to redo our wills before DH deployed last Jan. 
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