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How many naps does your LO take a day? How much time is there between morning wakeup and first nap? If your LO takes two nap, what is the time difference between the two naps? How much time goes by between the last nap and bedtime? How many hours does your LO sleep at night? Is your LO STTN? I was just wondering because naps are all over the place here.
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Re: Nap Poll

  • Wakes around 7-730
    Nap around 930-10 for about 1-1.5 hours
    Nap around 130 for about 1 hour
    Bed at 615

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  • KateC1029KateC1029 member
    edited January 2014
    Here's our typical schedule...although right when I think I have it down DS changes it up on me.

    7/730 wake up
    930 nap for about 60 mins
    2pm nap anywhere from 90 mins-3 hours
    630pm bed

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  • We are pretty much down to an afternoon nap at 1:30ish for 2 hours. 8:30 bed. Still 1-2 wake ups. Wake up about 7.
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  • Our schedule is a bit off as DS is starting daycare next week so his wake up time is changing from 8 to 6am. Typically his days is like this. 1st nap - 2-2.5 hours after wake up and nap is about 45minutes long 2nd nap - 2-3 hours after waking from 1st nap and last anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours Bedtime is 6:30pm and although he wakes a few times in the night I don't go in and he settles himself and doesn't get up until 6 when I wake him up.
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  • jobiannjobiann member
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    DS's naps can change a lot depending on what is going on a daycare (how many kids are there, and if there is a lot of noise. He is in an in-home daycare). 

    Typically up at 5:45-6am, down for a nap between 9:30 and 10am for about 40-60 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes. Then down for an afternoon nap between 1:30 and 2:30pm for about the same amount of time, anywhere from 40-90 minutes. 

    And he goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:30pm depending on what is going on. 

    He does STTN, maybe only one wake up every few weeks or so. Knock on cyber wood!

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  • We just started a routine last week because we were having trouble getting DS to bead before 11pm.

    Wake up- 7- 7:30

    Nap- 11:30-12 lasts around 2 hrs

    Bed- 7- 7:30  sleeps through the night


    This schedule works well for us because we can play with DS when we get home from work and we also have time do prep for the next day when he goes to bed

  • Up around 7-8ish. Nap at 11 for anywhere from 45-90 minutes. Second nap at 3 for about an hour. Bedtime at 8pm. He is STTN for the most part. We just started sleeping training to get him to go to sleep on his own at night.

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  • Well at daycare she usually only gets an afternoon nap for 45 min to hour half. At home she gets two naps usually 2 hours after waking she goes down for a hour half to two hour nap. The she is up for 3 hours then down for afternoon nap that usually last for an hour. The down for bed between 7:30 and 8.
  • sully1109sully1109 member
    edited January 2014
    This is what our nap schedule looks like: Wakes up: 6:30-7:00 Morning nap: 9:30-10:00 for 1.5-2 hours Afternoon nap: 2:00-2:30 for 1 hour Bedtime: 7:45
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  • Wakes up around 7am. Afternoon nap around 1:30pm for 30-90minutes. Bed between 8-9pm, does not STTN.

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  • We base our day off wake time (usually around 515).  2 naps.

    First nap is 3 hours after morning wakeup and lasts 90 minutes (815 to 945).

    Second nap is 3.5 hours after waking from nap one and lasts 90 minutes (115 to 245).

    Bedtime is around 7, depends on how late she woke from nap two. Usually 1-2 wakeups.  

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  • Here's our day:

    6 a.m. Wake up (he sleeps in till 7:30 a.m. on the weekends)
    9:30-11:00 a.m. Nap at daycare
    1:00-2:45 p.m. Nap at daycare
    8-8:30 pm Bedtime

    On the weekends his schedule is flexible because it just depends on what we have going on. When he is tired he will sleep in the car, stroller or in his bed at home. He has been sleeping through the night for the most part since 5 months. Every once in a while he will wake up in the middle of the night, especially if he is sick or teething. 
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  • Like so many other posts have mentioned, DS takes 2 naps at home and only 1 at daycare.

    Up between 6-6:30

    Nap between 9-10:30 usually 1.5-2 hours (while at home)

    Nap between 12:30-2 usually 1.5-3 hours

    Bed between 7-8

    DS actually tells us he wants a nap now. He will come over to get our attention and then go over to the stairs and point upstairs. When we ask if he is ready for a nap (or bed) he gets a big smile on his face. It's really kind of cute.

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  • DD wakes up between 8 and 9. Sometimes she'll take a short 30 min. nap around 11, then her usual nap is from 2-4ish. She's usually ready for bed sometime between 7 and 8.

    But there have been many, many days lately where no naps happen at all. 

    DD has never been a great napper, so this new no-nap trend of hers hasn't been too much of a shock to the system as I never had more than 20-30 minutes at a time. But I was hoping for at least a few more months of this brief time throughout the day to get things done. It still amazes me at how efficient I've become with things like cleaning the house in 15 minutes flat!

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  • UP between 730 and 8 am nap starts between 1030 and 1130 for a couple hours then bedtime around 6/630 depending on our day.
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  • DD's schedule seems to vary a lot.  

    7-8 Wake up
    10-10:30  nap anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours (if we are home.  If we are out she skips this nap)
    1-2ish nap anywhere from 1-2.5 hours 
    7:30 Bed
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    Seriously jealous of everyone who has LO that still takes two naps. Especially those who get two 2+ hour naps. We're lucky to get one 90 minute nap.

    Typically DD wakes up anywhere from 8-9 am and then takes her first nap 3 hours after wake up. On a good day we get about a 2 hour nap. Then she goes to bed between 7:15-8pm. Yesterday nap didn't happen...I tried, but she had 1 year pics at 2 that messed it all up. BUT, she has slept through the night (like 8-after 6) for the past two nights--the first two nights in a row of SSTN that I remember in a LONG time, so maybe we're coming to a turning point.

    But moral of the story is I miss the days of longer and more naps. Oh well.
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  • On a daycare day: Up at 6:45 sometimes takes a nap at 10:30 for 40mins-1hr if she does that she will take a nap around 2:30 for 40mins-1hr. If she doesn't take a morning nap she takes an 1hr nap around 1:00.

    On a home day: Up between 9-10, naps about 2 hours later for 1-2 hours, up for about 2 hours and then naps again for 1-2 hours. Bedtime between 6-8 depending on what we are doing and how long her last nap is.
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  • Wake up between 5:30 to 6:30
    Nap at 11 for 2 hours
    bed at 6:30

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  • DD wakes between 8-930am goes down for first nap between 11-1 sleeps for an hour-hour 1/2. Some days she takes a 2nd nap around 4pm. Bedtime is between's a mess. All depends if she took 2nd nap or not. She is not STTN, unless we get lucky but it's not often. I miss when she use to fall asleep on her own and STTN.
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  • Wild_flower25Wild_flower25 member
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    They got her on 1 nap at daycare, but at home she still takes two.  naps are between 1-2 hours each, with total sleep about 2-3 hrs per day.  She goes to bed by 7 most nights and STTN
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  • Naps have finally started to happen on a regular basis - which for us means that he takes at least one good nap a day (good for us is 45min or longer).  The time he naps varies, though.  

    Wakes: 6:30-7am
    First/sometimes only nap:  somewhere around 11 or noon for about 30min-1hr.
    Sometimes second nap:  around 2pm but can be as late as 5pm for 30 min.
    Asleep for the night:  7pm and he STTN
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  • Wake up: 7/7:30
    First Nap:  10:00 - 11:30
    Secont Nap: 1/1:30 - 3:30/4:00
    Bed Time:  6/6:30

    We are trying to phase out the morning nap which has become hit or miss.  I think we will probably move to a single nap at noon.  These days, if he naps in the morning, he may or may not actually sleep at his second nap.  Those are bad, bad, bad days.  Bed time cannot come soon enough on those days that he doesn't sleep in the afternoon. 
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  • DD wakes at 8 am, naps at 12-3, goes to bed at 8 and has slept through the night since she was 7 weeks old.
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  • Here is our schedule:
    7/7:30 wake up
    9:00a nap until 11am
    2:00p nap until 4/4:30
    awake until 7:30- bedtime, sleeps through the night

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