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Dream about my grandma that passed away

Last night I dreamed I was walking down a hall with my mom. People were crowded on the edges. We walked by a woman who stepped out and said, " don't you remember me?" And laughed. It was my grandma who has been gone for 15 years now. My mom hugged her. Then she pulled a Barbie from behind her back. DD then materialized like people in dreams do. My grandma gave it to her and said something like she is so sweet. Then I woke up. I am really happy I had this dream. I haven't been thinking about her lately too much But I always feel a little sad she didn't see her great gran kids.
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Re: Dream about my grandma that passed away

  • Awww :) 

    My grandma passed away last year, and I've had 4 or 5 really vivid, wonderful dreams about her since then. It's just so, so nice to see her... DH always thinks they've made me sad, but it's really kind of the opposite. 

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  • I've had 3 dreams about my uncle who committed suicide. They are so vivid.

    I got the chills reading about your dream! Dreams are so random & crazy. 
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  • I've been having so many dreams about my friend that was murdered 8 years ago. They are so real, and I'm so sad when I wake up. But it's like the time I get to see him in the dream is worth it.
    @I Heart The 80s that is so weird that you say that, I have a friend who was also murdered about 8 years ago, also a guy, and had a dream about him just last week. Not a super close friend, but friend nonetheless.

    OP, I believe those dreams are definitely their real way of communicating with us!
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  • It makes it feel like you get a little bit more time with the person. So sorry for you guys who lost loved ones too.
    Olivia Kate is almost 4!
    Diagnosed with autism this year and doing great!
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