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Enter for a chance to win $200 of Gerber Graduates!

Hi Ladies!

Gerber Graduates has come out with a ton of exciting new products ---> http://www.gerber.com/toddler/products/new_products.aspx

What Gerber Graduates and Gerber Graduates Lil' Entrees products would you love to have?

Comment below with your answer to be entered for a chance to win $200 worth of Gerber Graduates!

We'll pick TWO Lucky Grand Prize Winners!

Contest ends, 1/19 at 11:59pm.

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Re: Enter for a chance to win $200 of Gerber Graduates!

  • cheese ravioli and mashed potatoes w.veg and cheese!
  • My son loves gerber grabbers pouches, puffs, and especially the lil crunchies! He also still loves the arrowroot cookies. He'd love any of the new grabbers pouches or the bitty bites!
  • The organic 2nd food Purees....the pumpkin, bananas, and carrots sounds awesome!
  • I am a first time mom, so any Gerber product would be awesome. But looking at the website I would probably be most interested in the organic products.

  • My daughter loves all Gerber products but her favorites are the Gerber Grabbers and Gerber Melts!
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    Laparoscopy 5/24/13 : Stage 2 Endo, Scaring, and Both tubes Blocked but successfully Opened
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  • My little guy just started eating the Gerber puffs and Gerber melts. He loves them. I'm looking forward to trying more of the Gerber Graduate products.
  • They all sound great but the chicken and carrot ravioli sounds like a healthy, interesting meal that I would love my daughter to try!
  • I would love to try the Bitty Bites. I think my daughter would really enjoy those. We also just bought a bunch of the entrees to try and she loves the fruit pouches. 
  • Would love to try the Bitty Bites, but my son loves all the grabber pouches, breakfast buddies, and puffs so I would love to try them all!
  • I've never used any Gerber products because I'm pregnant with my first. But I'd be interested in any organic products...
  • I would love to have the new flavors of Breakfast Buddies. Breakfast Buddies are basically the only thing my daughter will eat for breakfast the past few weeks. 
  • More flavors of the melts.
  • First time mom and I most interested in the organic products.
  • I'm a first time mom due in June and I'm most interested in the fruit and vegetable purees.

  • I'm due with my first in a few days but the squeezables have always looked interesting. Definitely a cute way to get little ones to eat fruits and veggies.
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  • My sons favorite snack is his Gerber graduate banana flavored puffs. He smiles and gets excited when I show him the container.
  • Pasta Stars in Meat Sauce with Green Beans and veggie puffs are my granddaughter's favorites.

  • I am interested in having LO try the melts and the puffs, but I'm sure he would love to try it all!
  • Would love any of the organic options!
  • azmama20azmama20
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    The purees and bitty bites sound awesome for snacks on the go! I'd love to have those!
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