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Any truth to having heartburn means baby has hair?

I am 28 weeks and have had no heartburn whatsoever. Does this mean I'm going to have a bald little girl??

Re: Any truth to having heartburn means baby has hair?

  • Nope. It's just an old wive's tale
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  • My evidence is anecdotal. All my aunts and mom had terrible heartburn and we all came out with full heads of inch-long dark hair. Except my aunt Neety. Minimal heartburn and her kids were bald. I've had awful heartburn, though, so I'll let you know how it goes when my kiddo pops out. :)
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  • Agree with PP, I had terrible heartburn with DS2 and he didn't have an abundance of hair. It's already started this time around, seems earlier than before. It burns! LOL
  • Had some heartburn with DD, she had a healthy head of hair. Had bad heartburn with DS, he had a ton of hair. However, most of my heartburn happened after 30/32 wks, so you still have time. I vote OWT, but it rang true for me.
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  • Nope- just a silly wives tale! I had horrible heartburn and DD was still bald as an egg !
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    I had horrible heartburn with DS and he had a small amount of hair but nothing impressive. The heartburn was damn impressive though. This time around is no better.

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  • Worked for me... Both my kids were born with tons of hair. I'm sure it's an old wives tale though.
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  • Doubt it. I had a checker at Walmart just tell me she had horrible heartburn with all four of her kids and they came out with full heads of hair. I kind of wish it was true because I've had pretty bad indigestion and heartburn this pregnancy. It would be nice if LO would have a head full of hair.
  • It's just an OWT, but I will play along anyway! I didn't have any heartburn with DD, but even being born 11 weeks premature she did have a little bit of hair. She's never been a complete baldy. 
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  • I had no heart burn, not even one episode, with DD she had tons of thick black hair! My BFF had perpetual heart burn and her don is still bald at almost 2 years.
  • I've never had heart burn before, even while pregnant and DS1 was a hairy little beast and DS2 had a decent amount.
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  • OWT, but I had none with DD and she was bald for the longest time. She had her first (tiny, sorta pathetic) pig tails on her 2nd birthday. My cousin had it bad and her DS had a haircut before 6mos.
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  • I believe it is false because when I was pregnant with my last two boys. I had hardly any to no heartburn and they both were born with a lot of hair. This time around I still hardly have heartburn and I'm pretty sure she will have a lot of hair.
  • After having 6 kids and horrendous heart burn w each (on two different RX!) the answer is NO. Lol
  • I saw in the what to expect when you're expecting book that there is a connection between heartburn and amount of babies hair.
  • And also in the same book that some heartburn is caused by extra slow digestion and using Tums type products can make that kind worse. I think there was a recommendation to use papaya extract to speed up digestion.
  • With my DD i didn't have any heartburn and she came out with no hair. On the otherhand, my SIL had MAJOR heartburn and her DS had a lot of hair.
    This time around i am having some heartburn so we will see.
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  • I am pretty sure that Johns Hopkins did a study and it did in fact prove that there is some truth to this particular old wives tale. I think someone posted it above:

    It was true for me! I had the worst heartburn and my son Max had a full head of dark hair!
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  • For those of us that had hairy babies we should have a I'm mostly kidding. But when DD was born I was floored by the hair. I had been expecting bald(or blonde fuzz) and blue eyes. I thought they had switch babies, I still kinda think they did.
  • I just heard this today and got excited because I always have heartburn and I'd love if my baby girl had a head full of hair, but I doubt it and it boils down to genetics.. My son was a bald cutie with patches of hair and by 8 months he had a head full of cute curls..
  • I have done some research on this and while it is an OWT, it does seem to be true for a lot of people. I have heard of people not having any heartburn and having a baby with hair, but I haven't heard any stories of someone having bad heartburn and having a bald baby. Has this happened to anyone here? :) I'd love to know!

    I haven't had bad heartburn, just some reflux here and there.
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  • It is an old wives tale for sure. But it has proved true so far with me. I had horrible heartburn with my girls and they both had tons of black hair. I am having heartburn but not as bad this time so we will see!
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  • I had terrible heartburn with DS and he was mostly bald for the first year. My HB was more related to the rich foods I was consuming at the end of my pregnancy

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  • I had heartburn from day 1 with DD and craved insane amounts of dairy (I'm assuming to counter the burn). When she came out we were amazed! Hairiest baby ever! She had an inch on her head and fuzz all over her shoulders and back.
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    I think I've read before that the hormones that relax the sphincter and cause heartburn also contribute to fetal hair growth. But mostly I'm of the opinion that it's an OWT. I don't remember where I had read that previously so I'm thinking it probably wasn't a great peer reviewed study or anything.

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  • No both of my kids have been born wig full beautiful heads of hair and never had heartburn.
  • My mom says that she didnt have any heart burn with me, however I was born with a head full of hair.  
  • I'm anxious to find out - my heartburn and reflux has been unimaginable for months, and it's not slowing down. I'm on 2 medications for it now. My husband has lots of thick, wavy hair, so I'm hoping the baby looks just like him. When I was pregnant with Skippy (previous relationship), I had heartburn (which, at the time, I thought was horrendous, but it was nothing compared to this time) and he came out looking like Ronald McDonald - lots of curly orange hair. He still has thick strawberry blonde hair.


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  • I had no heartburn with DS and he was born with a full head of hair. Old wives' tale.

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  • I had heartburn with DS and he was born with hair, not overly thick but some hair!
  • Not sure about the heartburn and hair connection, but if your butthole itches a lot during the day but calms down after 5 pm, you are definitely having a boy. Or that was true for me, anyway. 

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    It wasn't true in my case. I had horrible, terrible heartburn with my first and my daughter was pretty bald at birth.
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  • Although both my boys with born with a fro. This isn't true at all.
  • Researchers at John Hopkins say it's true:

    I had heartburn with DD#1 and she was born with hair.

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  • If it's true, then I am having a gorilla. Holy heartburn!
  • I lived on Maalox and Tums with my DS and he was bald as a cue ball.  He didn't even have eye lashes or eye brows until he was almost 2 months old and at 15 months I am just now considering trimming his duck tail because the rest of his hair is too short/fine to need cut. 

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