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Really starting to freak out about baby costs

So, I'll be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow, it's not like I haven't been planning for this baby... but there are several costs that are really starting to freak me out.  We've recently signed up with a daycare since I will have to go back to work at 6 weeks - and it's about $1500/month.  Everyone tells me that is normal in this area, but WOW!  And unless DH goes back to teaching, I don't know how we can afford that (and then it will still be really tough).  Also, I just went on my insurance website and got the calculation for my out of pocket expenses for an "uncomplicated vaginal delivery" and it's just shy of $7000.  Everyone says "oh, you'll figure it out, you'll make it work".... but how?!  Anyone else starting to freak out about this too and anyone have any good words of advice... or know how I can sell a kidney or something to pay some of these bills?

Re: Really starting to freak out about baby costs

  • I don't know anything about daycare, but you should be able to work out a payment plan with the hospital where you deliver if you can't pay it all up front. My FIL had a $10k bill for a hospital stay last year and the hospital lets them pay $50/month for it, because that's all they can afford. There are also a ton of mommy blogs out there that have good cost saving tips for new babies you could check out.
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  • If we had to pay for daycare I don't know what we would do. We looked, my mother heard it was $1500/month and promptly announced her retirement so she could help.Thank goodness!! I feel your pain entirely. I know "you just make it work" id's the most annoying answer ever, but it must be true. Payment plans are all you can do as far as the hospital :(
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  • Although LO doesn't have to go to daycare until September I'm already freaking out about the cost. I'm really hoping we can work something out with one of our relatives. Otherwise I don't know how we're going to do it.
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  • those are really scary numbers. have you looked into anything like Dave Ramsey? i can totally see why you are overwhelmed. i also second calling the hospital and asking for a payment plan and discounts. Good luck!

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  • This is why I'm staying home. With 2 in daycare we'd be looking at well over $2k a month in childcare cost which we just can't afford. If you're not against in home then I'd look there too as they can be cheaper. I also agree with the other pp about the hospital bill. Just work out a payment plan with what you can afford.

    Oh and also look into flex spending for daycare costs. That way you are getting at least some of your check untaxed to use toward care.
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  • Yikes! I can no longer complain about our daycare costs with the number you are looking at! (I do live in a place that doesn't have high cost of living). PPs gave some great advice to help you out. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Hugs!!!

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  • We have DS and DD in an in home setting, we pay $40 a day for both of them and when the baby comes we will pay $60 a day.  I love our sitter, she is amazing, she does preschool with them in the morning and then free play and arts and crafts in the afternoon.  We provide lunch but she provides all snacks and drinks throughout the day.  When the baby comes I will send pumped BM, Diapers wipes, etc.  She was also instrumental in helping with DS potty training. 

    If you can find an in home it will be much much less expensive.  She had a ton of great references and has been doing it for close to 20 years.  Personally I feel like my kids get more personal attention there than they would at a center.  Lots of hugs and affection and praise.

    DD is going to private school in the fall, and even there we were able to work out a payment plan. 

    As for the hospital bills, I will tell you with DD we had some very serious issues at birth which landed he in the NICU for 10 days, her bill after insurance was around $10,000.  We were doing pretty well then and had a good income, and we were Still able to qualify for the charity care program and they knocked off a huge chunk of our bill and then we worked out a payment plan for the rest.  Hospitals are very flexible and willing to work with you if you ask.

    It will be OK, Don't stress, and when in doubt just ask, the worst they can say is no.

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  • I agree with PP to look in to inhome daycares. Our centers are over $1600 a month and I am going to be paying $1000 a month for an inhome. It's crazy how expensive it is. I never realized!

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  • I'm also staying at home. 2 infants in daycare just wouldn't be worth it and it's something I want to do! I spent 37 days in the hospital, had a c section, and we have 2 in the NICU that will be here awhile....I'm terrified to see our bill!!!!!
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  • Me freaked out, but through the grace of God we signed up to take Dave Ramsey's class at our church and year ago and it has changed our lives. We even had an unexpected medical expense for my husband while out of town and were able to pay it off in full without having to worry. The $90 to take the class is a lifetime of an investment.


    I have already spoken to my doctor's office and they offer global billing and by looking at the back of my statements, we fit into the "low income" category designated by the hospital, so hopefully they will take a large chunk off.


    Now, childcare is another story. I am only working PT right now (not by choice) and will be seeking FT employment as soon I can after she comes. My husband does not work in the summers due to his current contract, so he will stay home with her while I work for now. Come August, I don't know what I am going to do, depends on where I'm at, but with student loans I need to work until those are paid off. Good luck!

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  • @klpjmd, that is some CRAPPY insurance coverage. Like really crappy.

    I know the plans available vary a lot by state, but if I were you I'd check the healthcare exchange and see if there's a better plan in your state, one that covers maternity more fully!

    Just for comparison, not to make you feel bad, my maximum OOP for my hospital stay is $1500. $7000 is just super crappy and it's worth it to see if you can do better.

    I don't know if you can get better coverage off the new health insurance website, but it's worth looking! If you sign up by February 15 you'll have coverage by March 1. (Sign up by January 15 you have coverage by February 1).
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  • I feel your pain. We will be sending LO to daycare at approx. 3 - 4 months of age and it is going to run approx. $1100 a month (this is more than our mortgage payment)! Even though we won't need them till July we still have to pay the first month at the time we enroll so that is gonna need to be paid likely before LO even arrives. Luckily my work is keeping my PPO plan this year but even with that I'm still looking at $2500 in med bills after a non complicated delivery. We had been putting away money into savings with every pay before I got pregnant and have really cut back on a lot of things since we found out I was pregnant. But just as life does we got hit with issues with the house (needed a new roof, appliances breaking, etc.) which took a chunk out of our savings. I was stressing like crazy but I also know many people who are in worse financial issues than me and they make it work. I'm trying to just keep saving where I can and take everything as it comes. Worst case scenario we will be really living paycheck to paycheck but we should be able cover daycare and the hospital can put me on a payment plan. Just looks I'll be shopping at Salvation Army rather than babies r us which is fine by me! Lol good luck and just know you are not alone in the way you feel.


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    I also read somewhere (probably on this website) that when you get your hospital bill you should ask someone to itemize it and go through it with you. Hospitals price things kind of randomly because they so many other costs to cover and you can get some taken off. I am not very confrontational, but I am probably going to try!

    I am also freaking out about money! When we were TTC I had rfantastic insurance and about four months after my BFP they announced major changes going into effect Jan. 1. Previously I would have had to pay $500 - $750 in co-pay and now I have to pay 20% of the total cost. That is a HUGE difference. Great timing! I HATE having debt but we are just going to have to see what we can do to get the bill as low as possible and then set up a payment plan.

  • We really tightened our budget. I started coupon clipping, buying store brands. We eat at home most meals and pack our lunches. I don't buy things I want just what I need. Look at your expenses you can find things to cut out. Plus we don't go out nearly as much as we use to. Also remember the newborn costs is way more the 1st year then the 2nd year. Daycare costs go down, if you formula feed you no longer have that cost, they don't grow as nearly as fast so less clothes, they eat what you eat so you won't need extra baby food, plus you use less diapers. So one tough tight year then it gets easier.
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  • I completely understand with this poster...just for 3 days a week daycare we will be paying almost $1700! :( We could go cheaper by doing in home, but this center is a block away from where I work downtown so I feel much more comfortable with that to start. With the second kid, we will just get a nanny instead as that will be cheaper for sure.
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