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On bed rest until delivery

Just got sentenced to bed rest until delivery and my doctor said she probably won't let me go past 38 weeks (i'm at 32+3 today). I'm having too much swelling, bp rising, weight increasing too much over the course of two weeks and starting to see protein in the urine. Now i get to go in twice per week for bp checks. I can work from home, so that's something, but I'm sentenced to the couch or bed.

Ahh well, I guess it could be worse. All things considered I've had a pretty good pregnancy until the last week or so. I guess that just means I'll get to meet my little boy a little earlier than anticipated!
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Re: On bed rest until delivery

  • T'S & P'S! I am on bed rest now too. You can't monitor your BP at home? My MW suggested buying a cuff (arm not wrist) and now I measure at least 4 times a day and journal it.

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  • Bummer! T&Ps you are able to keep LO baking as long as possible.
  • I'm sorry. T&Ps

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  • I have a bp cuff at home but they want to monitor me closely. I'm 41 so my age is definitely a factor. My doctor said I'm right on the cusp, that it's been a great pregnancy so far, that she just wants to play it safe.

    I appreciate the caution but it still kind of sucks. As far as I know baby is doing just fine. 32 week ultrasound tomorrow (for growth). They'll do another at 36 weeks as well. The benefits of being an old mama to be ;-)
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