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4 month wakeful... help please! (long, sorry!)

Brandon is still sleeping in his car seat... in his crib.  A week ago, he slept 12+ hours, and he's been in the same sleeping position for about a month.  We've tried time and again to get him to sleep in his crib, and he will not fall asleep.

The last few nights, he has woken up several times.  Last night was by far the worst- about once every 30 minutes.  The only time he slept longer than that was when the fireworks were going off in our neighborhood (strange, I know).  Yesterday he ate 40 ozs of EBM, so I know he hit his 4 month growth spurt (he usually takes 23-27 ozs/day).  However, he was not at all hungry during these waking up sessions. 

Every time he wakes up, he usually fusses for a minute or two and then we're in there.  We've tried a little longer CIO (2-3 mins), but it just gets worse.  When we go in, we hold his hand, put his binky in his mouth, and pretend to fall asleep with him.  He goes right back to sleep.  If he's hungry, he gets fussier and we feed him.  And he'll drift while feeding, we'll burp him and he'll wake a little, and then we'll put him in the crib and he falls back to sleep.  I'm willing to CIO a little but I'm not ready to let my 4 month old CIO for lengthy periods of time. 

We thought maybe he was finally tired of sleeping in his car seat, but that made it worse when we took it out of the crib. 

Any ideas on how to get through this???  I would love for my good sleeper to come back, but if not that at least a little relief of a few hours!  TIA!

Re: 4 month wakeful... help please! (long, sorry!)

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    Is he fussing, or actually crying when you go in?

    Just wondering because DD wakes up several times during the night. She'll fuss, but not go into full blown crying. She's back to sleep usually within 5-10 min.

    This morning she was fussing so badly I thought for sure it was wake up time. I went to the bathroom, got her bottle ready, and went in to get her. She was throwing a fit in her crib, but her eyes were closed. The minute I started talking quietly to her, she quieted down and continued sleeping... she never actually woke up! I think she was having a bad dream or something.

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    It sounds like initially he slept better when he was cuddled in, and a crib is a very large, wide-open space. DD slept on a sleep incline with cuddly sides, in a swaddle, until 6 months, and then just on the incline until 7 months. Could you try transitioning him into a sleep incline instead of just the crib?

    Other than that, I have no advice. DD was a horrible, horrible sleeper at that age and it only got worse as she got older, but she seemed to be unique in this. We Ferberized her about 4 weeks ago and it's like having a new baby. Your DS is probably still too young for sleep training but at least you can know that is coming up. I wasn't willing to let Leah really CIO until 7 months.

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    We went through a similar problem a few weeks ago (DD is younger than your DS) except she would only sleep in boppy in my bed. ?It sucked! ?I bought the book Babywise and it has helped tremendously. ?Although I don't agree with everything in the book (they are very pro CIO, anti-AP) it has done wonders for us. ?She used to only nap in the swing or on me and she slept for the night in our bed. ?Now she naps and STTN in her crib. ?The?transformation?was amazing. ?It was like she was just waiting for us to put her on a schedule. ?We have been doing it for over a week now and she takes several 1 1/2 hour naps throughout the day and she STTN for 7 or 8 hours straight. ?She would wake up every 3-4 before during the night and just cat napped a few times during the day before this schedule. ??Also, like pp, we got a sleep incline because we thought she liked to be cuddled. ?She seems to like it. It was about $20 from Target.?

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    We went through a wakeful period just before Brenna turned 4 months old.  It was short lived, but she woke several times at night and refused all naps by day.  After a week and a half, she went back to her old habits again. Is he teething?  Teething has affected DD's napping during the day, but she still sleeps well at night.

    My suggestion is to try to get your DS to sleep without the car seat (unless he has a medical reason to sleep upright of course), and I would try to do it before he gets much older so he does not form a long term habit.  This might lead to a few nights of hell as far as sleeping goes, but you should be able to get him to sleep without it in a few days.  Have you tried to swaddle again?  Blanket sleepers or adding a humidifier or space heater in the room is helpful for controlling the sleep climate.  That might give him the comfort he needs. White noise is great too.  There are mp3s or sound machines for white noise that might work to help him sleep sounder.  I would put him down drowsy but awake and repeat as needed.  It will take several nights to set up a new routine.

    IMO, four months is too young to do regimented sleep training or CIO.   I am a firm believer in a moderate AP approach, so I have no suggestions if you feel CIO is right for your family.  If all else fails, I would resort to co sleeping for awhile.  We do co sleep in the early mornings if Brenna wakes before 6 am.  She comes to bed with me and sleeps soundly another 2-3 hours on the weekends.  I love love love having her there in the mornings, but I don't allow it all night because I don't want to set that pattern up as the norm.  I hope you get some sleep soon!  Good luck!

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